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*AP Students from our AP Classes choose the pieces they are most proud of – enjoy the journey of reading their voices!

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Tarannum: Never Again: Canada, the United Nations, and Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis  – Free Choice

Nimrat: is there no power? – Poetry Culture Seminar – Personal Response &  The Corruption of Love  Pechakucha – Personal Response

Kelley: Barely Bilingual – Free Choice


Claire P.:
















HopeDaisies on a Thursday – (Free choice poem and explication) & The Dance of the Tangled Woman– (Personal Response – Creative) & the words are for you, mr. williams (only for you) — (Poetic Response to A Streetcar Named Desire) &  Collateral Damage – (Poem and Free Choice and personal response to Frankenstein) & the women that we are(Emulation poetry writing)

Jade: Nothing Gets Lost in Mexico (Free Choice poem and explication) & A Poet’s Homage (Poetic Response and Explications to The Great Gatsby and The Picture of Dorian Gray) & Ophelia – The Deluge (Character Perspective Creative-Personal-Critical Response to the character of Ophelia in Hamlet)

Ziyana: This Loving (Free Choice), The Colour of Corruption (Response to The Picture of Dorian Grey), Of Colours and Humanity (Colour symbolism in The Great Gatsby),  The Uncertainty of Femininity (Critical Essay of Hamlet with focus on Ophelia), & The True Monstrosity (Response to Frankenstein)

Lauryn: Where My Soul is Stuck Between the Pages (response to The Stone Angel), A Tangled Woman (Personal response diploma practice), On Intentions (free choice poem), When it Snows in June (free choice)

Alysha: Catching Mist (Personal Response diploma prep) & Lust for Destruction (poem of Ophelia – free choice)

Victoria: A Colourful Tragedy (Free Choice and Poem) & Dorian Gray and Sibyl Vane: The Artistic Beauty  of the Damned (response to The Picture of Dorian Gray)

Genevieve: Personal Response – The Tent Delivery Woman’s Ride (Personal) & Phony (Response to Catcher in the Rye)

Areeb: Our Most Dangerous Weapon (free choice – philosophical musings) & A Perspective from Up Here (free choice commentary) & Mindset of a Trump Supporter (free choice – perspective on racism)

Carmen: Victims of Uncertainty in Hamlet (Critical Essay) & Pulchritude (Free Choice, Poem)

Faith: Because I Love You (Personal Response, Creative) & Rule Number (Free Choice, Poem)

Nilave: Secrets (Personal Response)  & Why is Pragmatism Necessary (Critical Essay)

Yasmeen: The Runner (Free Choice Spoken Word Poem), A Mother’s Nature (Personal Response), The Women Who Dance in Circles (Free Choice Spoken Word Poem)

Rehman: Freedom of Choice (Free Choice), Mirrors (Personal Response), The Perfect Fit (American Dream – response to Death of a Salesman)

Lucas: Willy Loman: A Small Analysis (Response to Death of a Salesman) &  Polished Hamlet Essay (Critical)

Jieo:  To English with Love ( response to Literature and Language) & Simply Beautiful (response to literature and The Book Thief)

Judy: When I Die (free choice – poem with dying wishes) & (a letter never sent) – (free choice – letter to lost friendship)

Liza: The Forgotten and The Lost (free choice – short stories) & Frankenstein’s Monster; Lord Henry’s Dorian (Critical Essay)

Shyla: Ophelia: Character Perspective (group critical-creative-personal analysis of Ophelia) & Nolite te bastardes carborundorum (free choice – Poetry response to The Handmaid’s Tale)

Ibukun: On Unrequited (Platonic) Love Hurting Most of All  (free choice – pondering love) & I Took a Walk with a Woman Who Wished to Move Back to Bahrain (free choice – observations of life and people)

Kelley: The Daily Life of an Introvert (Free Choice) & Opening Minds Through Art (Free Choice, Community)

Tarannum: “A Five-Year-Old Could Have Done That:” The Case for Modern Art (Free Choice, Art) & All Those Silly Little Things (Free Choice)

Muhammad: World Without Colour (Personal Response exam practice) & To Watch Them Thrive (free choice)

Elissa: Her Soul is Wind, Fire, Earth, Air  (Poetry Free choice) & Biff Loman – The Final Sale (Response to Death of a Salesman)

Hijab: The Heavens, the Earth, and the Boy in Between (Response to the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray) & Renewal (Personal Response)

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