Nothing Gets Lost in Mexico


I spent this last week in paradise–Cancún, Mexico. Sunshine, palm trees, and the beautiful Caribbean all catering to my needs.

I’m sure you can understand my disappointment of having to come back; I’m currently writing this from the plane. I’m on my way back to Calgary right now, and I have to admit that I’m sort of devastated.

Nothing mattered when I was in Mexico because I left all of my baggage back home (except for my suitcase, of course). But this trip really did give me the opportunity to just forget about everyone and everything, at least for a little while. Since school has started, it’s been hard for me to find some relief from all of life’s anxieties. But during my visit, I think finally found some inner peace.

My main source of inspiration for the poem you’re about to read was something I heard someone say on the bus ride to our hotel the night we arrived. His name was Alejandro, and he was our tour guide. I wrote down what he said word for word: “In Mexico, nothing gets lost; they just find new owners.” Of course, when Alejandro said this, he was just joking around with us Canadians. He was talking about being cautious when it came to our cell phones, passports, tourist cards and any other valuable possessions we may have been carrying with us. To paraphrase, “If you lose any of these things, you’re screwed because they will have found a new owner–there is no chance of getting it back.”

However, me being the cynical person that I am, I interpreted what he said a little differently, a little more seriously. That is what this poem is about.

I, myself, didn’t get lost in Mexico. I’m still the same Jade, after all. But I do think my mind and my body both found a new owner–one that was able to find some happiness for a change. Now that I’m back home, I feel empty. Because now I’ve got to get back to the old grind, back to reality, one that isn’t always what I’d like it to be.

I think you’ll find that this poem is one of gratitude that I have for being able to take this trip, but also one of wistfulness; a hint of sadness now that it’s all over.

Without further ado, I give you “Nothing Gets Lost in Mexico”. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

They say that things don’t get lost in


they just find new owners.

I didn’t lose myself in 


my mind just found a new owner–

a happier owner.

It’s hard to be sad 

in a Place like this,

after all.

And I think it’s been a while

since I’ve been able to 

fall in love with something, but 


I have to admit that 

I am quite smitten with 

 the dizzy palms and how they sway

when they’re drunk 

from all the rum and  tequila shots.

Or how the Sun kisses me 

on these warm afternoons,

and this is coming from a girl

who has always preferred being pale.

But now, the idea of being tan,

of having the sky 

leave lip prints on my skin, 

doesn’t seem so awful. 

There something so romantic 

about it–

All of it. 

Like sitting on the balcony 

every morning, watching 

the sky transform into a palette of 

soft pinks and vibrant purples.

Or swimming in the pool at night,

eyes always looking up 

because back home, 

the stars don’t shine 

the same way they do here.

Because here, there is no 

light pollution.

Here, I can see the Big Dipper

without inhibition.

Here, Polaris winks at me playfully

and the moon smiles at me reassuringly.

Here, I am at peace.

Here, the sound of the waves 

crashing against the shoreline

lulls me to sleep,

and the Ocean in all of Her

overwhelming beauty

teaches me to find solace 

in the chaos.

This Place

has left its mark on me.

I have tried to return 

the favour by making 

my own mark,

but whenever I try 

to leave my footprints 

in the sand,

the tide washes them away.

I guess I was only meant to be here

for a little while, anyways.

Because today, I’ll be going 

back home. 

But I’ll be going back 

with tanner skin,

sand in my eyelashes,

and a string of shells 

around my wrist.

These things will remind me of

where my heart truly belongs.

They say that things don’t get lost in


they just find new owners.

I didn’t get lost in


I just found something new.

I found Happiness.

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3 thoughts on “Nothing Gets Lost in Mexico

  1. Lovely Jade,

    This poem made my heart melt! You have such an amazing way of writing and I positively love your style and formatting! Your descriptions and imagery were so whimsical and I adore your ability to perfectly personify objects. Love, love, love!

    Ever since I was a kid I went to Mexico or The Dominican Republic, but this summer, I went to Cuba. I have to say, my experience was very similar to yours. I remember being devastated due to the fact that I wasn’t allowed to use my phone in the country so I was left with my journal. I wrote every day and managed to get through 3 or 4 books in a week. It was such bliss! Despite my heartache, the isolation gave me time to get to know myself and be my own friend.

    Thank you so much for posting such a magnificent piece!




    1. Dear Liz,

      Thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate it, especially your compliments about my imagery. I like imagery, but I usually write very short pieces, so it usually doesn’t have a place in most of my works. But I’m glad you found it worked well in this particular piece. And I think this piece was one that definitely needed imagery in order to show my audience just how beautiful this place is. And I think it was this beauty that made my trip back home that more devestating.

      And I absolutely agree with you when you say that sometimes isolation and being away from home really gives you time to get to know yourself. I think it’s because your mind is less cluttered when you’re away from home, especially when you’re relaxing and sunning yourself on a beach. I think new places and a change from a monotonous everyday routine gives us the opportunity to see things from new perspectives. And I feel like tropical places in general provide so much inspiration to us writing wise. I know for me each stanza in this poem came from different bread crumbs I collected throughout my trip.

      Thanks again for taking the time to read my poem!

      Love Jade (AKA NOODLER)

  2. Dear Jade,

    You make me want to leave this cold wasteland of a country, to finally find warmth in the sands of the south. Your piece actually has inspired me to look through old photos of my own Mexico trip when I was younger.
    I loved how you maintained your own voice throughout this piece, as throughout it I could tell it was you telling the story. I also liked how you capitalized the word, “Place,” as I believe that this shows how Mexico has been personified to demonstrate how, like a person, it has helped you. Perhaps it’s also the fact that you hold Mexico in such high regard. I also enjoyed the introduction to the poem at the beginning of the post, just to explain your own personal connection and establish your own voice.
    I, personally, find your intro piece a tiny bit long, but not enough to take away from the piece whatsoever.

    I really do love this piece, and I hope to hear more stories from you!
    -Lucas a.k.a. Best Friend

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