June free choice- Standing by

I sit and I wait

I sit and I watch

I watch as things seem to get worse than they already are

And I live as if it doesn’t concern me


I eat and I sleep

I continue as if there is no end in sight

And I watch the world become more hectic and chaotic 

And I continue as I have


I think to myself

Why concern myself?

It will still continue

And the cause of it would still have happened


Why don’t I just continue as I am?

Or should I make a move

And add to the fire that already has so much fuel


Instead, I will just enjoy the day as it is

Simply living


As for tomorrow 

That would be yet another day

In which I think of things I can or cannot do


When I’m staying at home during the quarantine I have a lot of time to think for myself. During these moments of self contemplation I took self gratification in the small moments of the day. The moments that seem inconsequential and meaningless are the moment I felt the most appreciative of the simplicity of it all. However brief these moments are, the momentary distraction is more helpful than the hours spent worrying about the things out of my control.


The first stanza is to introduce the idea of the speaker, and reinforcing their own perspective in the piece. The speaker comments on how they are aware of all that is happening and how they are continuing with their life despite it. In contrast to the hectic events that the speaker refers to they talk of their life as if in blatant boredom. 


The second stanza goes more in depth into the speaker’s life and speaks of the seemingly endless cycle of living throughout the day. The third stanza continues with this and starts going into the doubts the speaker has during this repetitive cycle. It shows how the speaker is trying to cope with his reasoning and questioning the effect he can have.


The fourth stanza goes into how the speaker can make a difference and expresses how little affect the speaker would have on the situation. It shows how the speaker begins to have an idea of making a move and quickly shoots himself down afterwards.


The fifth and sixth stanza are wrapping up the poem and goes into how one should just enjoy life and goes into self reflection of the events to come.



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