A Sunny Day in Vancouver

A Sunny Day in Vancouver

By Sidd Parmar


In this blog, I will be describing a day in my life 5 years from now, under the expectation that everything goes smoothly and in accordance with my plan. In this story, the year is 2025 and I am  21 years old. In short, this is what my life will look like in 5 years if it goes the way I would like it to.


It is important to note, the characters included are entirely non- fiction and they are some of my best friends. Firstly, I have permission from both of them to include them in my blog. And secondly, this blog is in accordance with their plans and hopes as well.


*Alarm rings*


The blaring of the alarm pulls me from my slumber. It’s 9:00 AM around an hour before my BIOC 304 class begins. As I climb out of my bed, I immediately take notice of the weather outside my window. It is insanely sunny, blinding in fact,  with not a cloud in sight. This is a rarity considering this is Vancouver we are talking about.


Outside, the grounds of Iona House, my residence, look alive like never before. Students are bustling to get to class, sitting around with peers and friends, and overall taking advantage of the beautiful weather. It is refreshing being blessed with good weather after weeks of endless rain and cloudy skies. The grounds to which my residence sat finally looked alive. It was then that I had realized it was 9:12, I was going to be late if I did not hurry. By 9:27 AM, I had readied myself for the day. I noticed I was alone this morning because Jaisumer, my dorm mate and one of my best friends, left early. He’s in the midst of attaining his Civil Engineering undergraduate degree. We live in a two-bedroom dorm together because it is much more affordable than renting a place in Vancouver. 


As I make my milk tea, I find a note on the counter from Jaisumer. It read, “ Going to come back late. I need to finish the paper. – Jaisumer” 




That was the only word that could escape my lips. He left this note as if I had not already known. He’s been staying late to finish this paper for the past several days. He has been so occupied with it that I have barely even seen him this week. The last time I saw him was 2 days ago. It’s all right though, I understand how important these assignments are being a Biomedical Sciences student myself. Besides,  I’d soon be visiting my friend, Mora. Mora is one of my best friends who also moved to Vancouver. She attends Blanche Macdonald University, a school for makeup artistry. I, on the other hand, attend the University of British Columbia. As a result, we have contrasting schedules which makes it difficult to hang out. But we both have free time today so we made a plan to get together. First, however, I need to attend my lectures and then complete my shift at work. While musing on my day’s schedule,  I poured my tea into a thermos flask and left.


 The BIOC 304 lecture lasted from 10:15- 11:30. BIOC 304 had to be my most dreadful class this semester, primarily due to the seemingly endless lectures and the stern professor. After the lecture, I head back to my dorm to change for my shift at Footlocker. Working at Footlocker was pleasant. I get an employee discount on all items in-store and online, a good part-time pay, and two 20 minute breaks. Usually, on my breaks, I go to the food court in the mall and either eat my food or buy poutine from New York Fries. Their poutine is honestly one of my all-time favourite foods. 


After completing my shift, I go back to my dorm to change once again, and I head to Kermora’s place. Mora lives in a pleasurable, medium-sized apartment in downtown Vancouver with her dog, Molly. When I arrive, I am greeted with a hug and barking from Molly. We exchange how life has been recently and any occurrences out of the ordinary. As we were exchanging stories, it started lightly raining again- not a surprise. Afterwards, we walked to 7-11 and bought ourselves drinks and a whole pizza. When we got back, we enjoyed our food and watched two movies, Monte Carlo and White Chicks. In a way, it was like a  sleepover of sorts, without the sleepover part of course. 


At around 11:30, I begin to prepare to go home. I bid farewell to Mora and Molly and drive back to the Iona House. I had finally reached it at around midnight I open the door to my dorm only to hear snores escaping from my roommate’s bedroom. 


Tired, I trudge to my room where I changed my clothes and brushed my teeth. When I climb into my bed, I feel slumber creeping up on me. As my consciousness begins to fade, I pull the blanket tight over my body and let the sleep take me.

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