Dear Future Peoples In A Pandemic


This following piece is my message that I hope to convey to individuals of the future who may have to experience a pandemic.


Dear future people in a pandemic, 


Know that you will be alright, understand that this terrible storm that may inflict ample emotional and physical pain upon oneself will not last for eternity, and do whatever you can to keep yourself and the world safe. It is completely fine to be feeling angered or lost in this situation; it may feel like the end of the world, but it is OK. During this time you will learn so much, such as: adapting to a new norm, connecting to others online, work and learn from your home, find ways to deal with stress, overcome your procrastination, and lots more!  Panic is normal, so just take a deep breath, and know that you are never alone. Similar to myself, who am currently persevering through the Covid-19 pandemic by binding to the confinements of my home, you are living through history! Make the best out of these moments which will be taught to numerous generations in the future. Despite knowledge from scientists, you cannot predict exactly what may happen tomorrow, which is why you should live each day to the fullest. The realities of a pandemic can be cruel and harsh; economies will plummet while governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) will be in a hectic state. Also, abide to the government guidelines as it is the best way that your generation will become capable of overcoming this challenge. However, I believe that the best course of action that everyone can always do is to stay home, even if lockdowns are raised. By staying home you are ensuring your safety and those in your community; otherwise, the virus will continue to thrive if more people are out and exposed. So, I insist, and I hope that you will learn from the mistakes made during my time. Do not become careless until the world is 100 percent confident that they have contained the virus, if not it may lead to an even more disastrous outbreak. Also, please do not hoard toilet paper and other commodities, be caring to other people as they may need the product more. You are not helping the world if you are taking all the sanitary products away, everyone needs to be protected equally. All people will eventually get what they desire and need. I know, and it is okay, that you will procrastinate and become lazy at home, there are so many additional distractions in the place you reside. I urge that you seek to find what brings you serenity as being in quarantine can make you feel insane. Perhaps, obtain the motivation to go for a walk or create a workout routine. Play a sport and challenge yourself with a complex puzzle or board game. Personally, something I enjoyed was playing basketball, it did not need to be an intense workout, but by just shooting hoops it brought peace to me during these unprecedented times. Basketball isn’t even my favourite sport! Being in quarantine is the perfect opportunity for one to learn something new like an instrument or art. Search the web for a new cookie recipe which you can try to bake. I know that many relish the smell of freshly baked, warm cookies and it excites many individuals. Some days you will not know what to do with yourself, which is again normal, so discover what will help you become more productive and attain your ambitions. This will enable one to stay and learn how they can be sane with the people they live with; staying at home constantly with family can make people cranky, but in this time you will also learn more about each other.  In addition, something that I wish I was stronger at during this time is reading, it will compel you into an imaginary world and is also extremely beneficial for individuals’ futures. Keep and continue to develop this habit which will only enlighten your day and the many days ahead. Spread positivity and uplifting messages to everyone through using chalk on sidewalks or a picture in a window. Surprise a family member by dropping off food to their house while maintaining social-distancing. All in all, pursue happiness. No matter its source, happiness will support and guide you through a pandemic world, and remember to stay strong as you will be just fine.


Warmest Wishes,





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