Repose – Free Choice



I will sit and watch

The same days and same people

I sleep

And eat

Yet they are so busy

Moving to no end

But I still sit and watch



Why not hunt the ball with me?

Or chase the noisy vacuum

Until it learns its lesson

And stops it growls



Why not sit here all day with me?

Simply enjoy



But what’s tomorrow?

Yet another today

And that must be the best thing about it.




Staying at home most of the day in quarantine has really been able to give me a new perspective of this life. I have been trying to enjoy the more simpler things, things that I generally seem to take granted for and have been trying to just appreciate the simplicity. Thinking about this has made me wonder, this is really just the same life of one as pets. A life that, on the surface, seems quite boring and repetitive, but as I began to think it over it looks to be something that we all could benefit from. That is, taking a moment (or longer) to relax and to distance yourself from the worries, the concerns of everyday life. It is something not many people, especially me, seem to appreciate and, with this poem being from the perspective of a dog, is something that I have attempted to capture. Personally speaking, I have been wanting a dog for the majority of my life, but have been unsuccessful for the most part. A dog’s life, or really any pet for that matter, is an uncomplicated one. It is important to measure these simple things to one’s own meaning and not someone else’s. Everyone desires different experiences, tangible things, feelings, etc. Being true to yourself is what is ultimately important.


The first stanza was written to enforce the idea of the speaker, demonstrating a perspective that is evidently different from that of another person. This speaker comments on the fact that their owner(s) seem to be so busy moving around, working all day to no apparent end. They contrast that with their own life, which is full of just sleeping and eating. A dog’s life, as mentioned before, is really quite a simple one, but also quite relaxing.


The second stanza further delves into the character of the speaker, which can be seen chasing the ball and “hunting” down the noisy vacuum. At this point it is evident that this character is not a person, but perhaps something like a dog. It is evident that they quite enjoy the simple things of chasing a ball around, or barking at vacuums. But it also signifies really how simple this dog’s life is, spending all their time doing these simple things.


Lastly, the third and fourth stanzas tie up the poem. Why not simply enjoy? Why not appreciate these simpler things in life, or the things that one already has. Because really, that is the best thing about it.





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