What True Heroes Look Like

“Be strong now because things will get better. It might look stormy right now, but it can’t rain forever”-  Kanika Gupta on Physch2Go


As I gaze out into this mysterious world, I wonder what life has become? Covid-19 is altering life on earth, and numerous individuals are in a mad rush to attain the simple yet necessary commodity: toilet paper. People are acting out and expressing their feelings in a wide variety of ways. World leaders are having heated arguments as to how the world can somewhat get back to a normal life. Economies are experiencing a heavy toll as people seek to have their regular lives. Some, such as myself, are embracing this new life and are enjoying it with an optimistic viewpoint while others are fearful as there is an uncertain future ahead. An invisible enemy haunts us as the virus will continue to spread, and its devastating effects have already been seen globally. This untamed virus will only cease to exist once there is a vaccine. In the meantime, health care workers are tirelessly working to upkeep the safety of the public; they are enduring the multitude of hardships that the pandemic is inflicting upon hospitals. 



There are numerous individuals who are sacrificing their own well-being everyday so that society can continue and progress. Without these special people life would not be maintained and people may not be able to obtain necessary items such as food. Essential workers enable others to get their groceries, manage their bank accounts, drive individuals around the city, make sure electricity and water can come to our houses, and so much more. Without them life would be put on halt, so I am forever grateful for their services. It is an extremely challenging time for people; however, positivity and kindness are being seen everywhere in society which helps uplift my spirits. Children are writing loving, hopeful messages on neighbourhood sidewalks and windows while the police are blaring their sirens on to honour all essential workers. Seeing people of the world come together to create messages of peace and hope truly puts a smile on my face, as it shows the love and compassion of people. I wish people were always this caring as sometimes we can act in cruel and harmful ways. The world is adapting and learning to connect with others from home so that we all can be joyful during these unprecedented times. Zoom conference calls are enabling ample people to virtually be together where they can join diverse programs varying from dance classes to meditation all through one app. Celebrities are organizing broadcasts and spreading their warm messages towards everyone, making social distancing a little more bearable. Though the world is amidst a pandemic I believe we are growing and learning in many new ways; there is a bright side to this all even though life may only seem grey and depressing, you just have to look for the sunshine.    


The true heroes of our world today are the wonderful and hard-working health care workers. They are the ones who are required to work endless hours while they fight this formidable enemy. Doctors and Nurses are like the soldiers on the front lines of a battlefield, without them we would certainly prevail against our threat. These wonderful individuals experience the harsh conditions of the hospitals. Patients are scattered everywhere in the corridors and rooms as there is a shortage of space, leaving the workers with very little room to work in, heightening the difficulty of their job. They have to deal with the immense stress knowing that the sick cannot see their family, a doctor may be the last face that a patient sees. Not only do healthcare workers endure physical struggles, but the mental impact on them is immense as they are witnessing mass deaths and the pain that this virus has imposed on people. There is ample stress knowing that real people’s lives who have loved ones are in their care. To protect themselves from the virus they have to wear full body suits to make sure nothing can reach their skins. This suit protrudes into their skin, leaving marks all over their face and body. These workers undergo endless hours of burdensome work all while a whole body suit shields their skin making their job even more tiring. Sweating from hours of laborious work and protective equipment, walking with pain as every muscle inside them swells, and bearing the emotional trauma; healthcare workers are today’s world knights but in body protection.


The world will forever be in debt to the essential workers as they make sure all of us are healthy and safe, so that society can continue to progress. Covid-19 has affected the world greatly as it has brought tremendous loss to people everywhere. The world is changing and people may approach the future with more safety and caution; however, we may also decide to completely forget what happened so that we can just do whatever we desire. I believe this is wrong, we should learn from our mistakes and grow as a community so that we can become better people. The world needs to learn from this atrocious event so that we do not make the same mistakes again, and be better prepared to control a future pandemic.  We have to make sure that doctors and essential workers have what they need to do their job efficiently. 

The world right now is very different from what it was just a few months ago, but I believe things will get back to normal. To end this piece I decided to write a small poem to summarize the events happening during this pandemic, I hope you enjoy:

Life today is very different 

So you may feel resent 


A pandemic is upon us 

You better be ready because it’s contagious


We must care for our safety

But quarantine has us going crazy 


Stay connected over social media 

And try to gain a sense of euphoria 


Doctors and nurses working tirelessly

So I thank them immensely 


The world is scrambling to find a vaccine 

In the meantime you must stay clean 


We just have to persevere through this time 

Soon we’ll be able to shine 


Some days will be gloomy

And you may feel moody  


So just look for the sunshine 

And all will be fine 🙂



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