An analysis of love.- A slightly organized rant. (TEWWG)

[Janie:] “Yes, she would love Logan after they were married. She could see no way for it to come about, but Nanny and the old folks had said it, so it must be so. Husbands and wives always loved each other, and that was what marriage meant. It was just so. Janie felt glad of the thought, for then it wouldn’t seem so destructive and mouldy. She wouldn’t be lonely anymore”


Love is quite possibly the most wizard thing currently known to mankind. Society regards it as some magical force that lifts you high above the clouds, makes all your problems go away whenever you stare into those eyes. It’s a well of inspiration for many poets and writers that seems to never run dry and a beacon of hope for basement dwellers and teenagers wear too much mascara. Something that motivates people to wake up each morning, work ridiculous hours just to please their significant others; a fact even The Beatles knew. But how did society get to the universal picture of this sacred emotion that seems so mystical to people, but each person experiences it differently? After all, love is really just a release of chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, oxytocin, and other chemicals that cause “more adult” drives like estrogen and testosterone. Our bodies are biologically designed to release these chemicals in order to encourage reproduction to keep our species alive. If the cause of everyone’s feeling of love is caused by these chemicals, why is the experience so different for everyone?

Personally I inquire that love is subjective based on what you were surrounded within your society; where the hormones only serve as a match and gasoline to start your loving emotions. This can be proven by looking at examples in life and even in Their Eyes Were Watching God. In real life, people believe what they had been taught and shown throughout their life. One individual might view love as a one-sided relationship, purely used for self-gain, while others see it as a mutual relationship with each party constantly building each other up. Some individuals think the relationship should move quickly, whether it means smashing the comforts of the other party or not, and the contrary view of taking it slow as if to ensure a solid foundation of the relationship by respecting the boundaries of the other. Some think love is something that should be used loosely and thrown about to friends and others think it should be a rare emotion saved strictly for their lovers. In Janie’s case, her society has taught her that love is something that will just happen with time, not reinforced by any attraction.

This idea of love being more of a moldable clay brings the argument that love is more a vague collective understanding, however, there is one fact that remains true throughout every human no matter their personality or preferences. Humans are greedy. It is consistently proven throughout history that we are all vines clambering over each other in order to get closer than the people below us to the sun. With that in mind, love can be seen as something purely for personal gain. At the base level, everyone is but a pawn, but in order for you to become more secure, it’s essential you turn some pawns into queens. Most individual’s friendships are caused by the essential need to belong, and you use those people to fulfill that need. Hormones are released in order to help fulfill the biological need to reproduce, and the only way to fill that is with the help of another partner. A relationship may be as wholesome and pure as snow, but even that was caused by the deeply buried subconscious drive to gain in a relationship. Whether it was to feel joy, security, a sense of worthiness or belonging, or more visible personal gain, the lovely emotions were stemmed from humans nature to gain.

If you go back to Janie, it was her loving mother that set her up for this marriage in order for her to be financially stable, however, Janie didn’t see as much worth in the gain of fortune from this relationship valuing the gain of potential freedoms and care over the gain of stagnant stability. So she runs off with Joe, an ambitious individual in which Janie is keen to reap the rewards of his ambitions and care that the relationship with Logan lacked.

In conclusion to this slightly organized rant, love is nothing more than an opportunity to exploit the traits of others for their own gain. Sure, love is enjoyable for both parties when they both actively love each other. I’m not saying love is bad, the intention was mainly to point out the real cause of love. In fact, this is more of an attempt to make love more appealing because nobody would get anywhere without building off others. At the end of the day, love is a natural emotion shared amongst all humans that just so happens to be a glamorous and enjoyable way to evolve our lives even further.



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7 thoughts on “An analysis of love.- A slightly organized rant. (TEWWG)

  1. Very interesting topic to discuss as love is a dominant theme in the novel. Love so often is deceiving; people are naive to what true love is and are captivated by the initial impressions and charm of another. Especially in movies and novels, I view so many plot lines involving the main character and a love interest, every time succeeding to find “true love.” It baffles me how often society portrays love to be achievable simply through surviving an adventure together. They hardly know anything about one another; they typically have just met on that adventure. I share your opinion that love is displayed in literature in confusing and inaccurate ways.
    I believe that the cause of love is sacrifice, generosity, kindness, and so much more.The real cause of love is when one realizes that they are all these things for another person, and that takes time to happen. Janie often experienced hasty marriages to Logan and Jody, which is why the marriages resulted in a lack of love.

    to improve this blog, I believe that if you connected it to the text more it would be a stronger piece. For example you talked about how people use love for personal gain. A part of the novel you could have reinforced this idea with was when Janie was widowed and the men in town started to make advances on her, trying to get access top her wealth.
    Great work Jimmy.

    1. Dear Ethan,
      I am honored that you have read my post and took the time to comment on it. I have been looking forward to a comment from you ever since Mrs.Hunnisett mentioned you wrote the most insightful comments, and I’m glad to say my expectations were not let down. I do agree that I could’ve used more text for my rant in order to make it connect better, and I appreciate how you actually pointed out where in the book that connection could be made. Next time I will work harder to find those connections and use them in my other works.
      Thanks again,

  2. Dear Jimmy,

    This style REALLY suits you. I say this because I recall your piece last year about your rant on dating and how great it was and I dare say you’ve done it again. The flow of this piece is flawless and it gives off a very informal vibe – in a good way. It relates to modern day trends and issues through your use of analogies and metaphors which really strengthens your writing.

    Perhaps something to fix your writing would be some proofreading for example in the first paragraph in the words, ” and teenagers wear too much mascara.” there should be a “that” after “teenagers”. Other than that, in order to support some of your statements logically, using quotes would be an effective method.

    Overall, I love this piece and this style of writing – I might even try it myself. I look forward to seeing more of your pieces. I do have one question though: How do you know so much about love…..?

    With regards,

    1. Dear Zain,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s good to see that you thought the informative vibes from this post weren’t too overwhelming and that it actually contributed to the overall message. Thanks for catching that mistake, I’ll be sure to fix that and look for those in future posts.
      Thanks again for reading,

  3. Dear Jimmy,

    This is my first time commenting on your blog, and I must say that I appreciate your writing style because of how you are able to make your writing seem less structured and more free.

    I am so glad that someone wrote about this as this idea has always been of particular interest to me. Society tends to romanticize love and make it seem like this ideal human emotion based around mutual interest, but we don’t often realize that behind the majority of human actions, the motivation is a selfish one. There is always this need to take action only if we are able to find a sense of personal gain, which is what makes love not as selfless as it may seem. As you mentioned, Janie’s desire to marry Jody stemmed from how he seemed better off than Logan in terms of wealth and status.

    In terms of improvement, I don’t really have anything as everything you did in this piece was stylistic of the way you write. All in all, this was an interesting read, and I am looking forward to hopefully discussing this with you.


    1. Dear Abhay,
      Welcome to the blog! Thanks for the read and comment and I appreciate that you like my style that I supposedly have. To me, it is interesting you have the same views as me as I think you are more “experienced” in the relationship field. It is also nice to see that you think there wasn’t anything to improve on this post, and I’ll take that as a compliment.
      Thanks again,

  4. Dearest Jimmy,

    What a truly refreshing read! You really made this free choice your own and were able to present both your unique style and thinking very effectively! Great work! I haven’t had the opportunity to read your other blog posts yet; however, from what I see here, I know some great insight and ideas can be found in those as well.

    Love is an interesting thing to consider when reading novels that have it as a major theme as that clearly demonstrates how love is, in essence, subjective and up to the parties involved. As with all emotions, there is not a solid definition you can give to it and I think the one you choose to take on is quite interesting. I have never considered love as an almost evolutionary thing meant to help develop into the best version of yourself. In basic interpretation, it is selfish; in reality, I think it is true that we do seek out things that will make us better — whether it is in our own eyes or in the eyes of others. I really commend you on taking on this idea and connecting it back to Their Eyes Were Watching God! Your various examples supported your idea and demonstrated your awareness of the broad nature of love.

    To improve, I would like to see more exploration of the examples you gave because I often felt like I was jumping from one idea to next. I had to make a lot of my own assumptions as a reader, which made me feel like I was departing from your own understanding.

    Overall, this piece shows how capable you are as a writer and your understanding as a whole. I know you will do amazing things this year and next! Good luck!


    (HAH I use love a lot — what does that say about me?)

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