Infragilis – Meaning Unbreakable.

The poem written below was inspired by a comic I saw online, (this is the Comic). Just saying I am not good at writing poetry, so sorry about that. Anyways Enjoy.


Oh, the pain I went through,

All because of you,

I have been to hell and back

And have scars to prove.

Never did you take a break,

Tortured me till the end,

Should I blame your ignorance,

For all I went through

But I did not cry,

Oh no I did not,

Looked at you in the eye,

And sent a message across.

You would see my strength, my endurance, my will

However turn away,

To scared you see,

The pain you have caused has not no effect on me.

I am not ignorant, I can be strong,

When I leave this haunting place,

You will look at my back

And repent the decision you have made.

But I will be strong, I will turn around

And proudly show the scar I have, the bruises you have made

Show you that you did not break me, not for a moment

Those days you wanted me to bow down to you, never came.

But I will turn around, look back at the pain I went through, showing you too.

And when I turn around I will look at you in the eye

Smiling, I will reach out my hand,

And say goodbye.


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