Love; a Requiem, Epistle, and Journey



The thin layers of will and

faulty delusion, I make my way

up higher and higher, never fulfilled;

life was greed and greed was life.

Oh, the exhilarating landscape I had been promised, but to realize the infatuation of my mind-before me lies the gazes of once benignant souls, tainted to the depths of the yellow of carnations blooming ceaselessly in the heath,

and all I hear is my symphony of exasperation and distraught from the mouths gagged with the hands of the vexed…

My flesh and soul, materialized with contemptuous greed; built upon itself with so little structure, finally succumbing to the pang of loneliness,


and I crumble…


I wake,

to the whistling of a frivolous tune,

to the dancing of the wicked mind

to the stirring of the obsolete glamour…

It seems to me that all this time all I had longed for were the gazes of sacrilegious subjugation, the grasp of air in the damned act of condemnation, which merely grew into a mirror of self-predicament, entrapping me into the vast tracts of prejudice and confusion,

trusting my delusion I sow in myself the discord of illusion…

And you glance behind, with pity, with remorse-don’t touch me…

I groan to the sensual gaze bestowed upon this deformity, and exclaim in dismay as you enclose my lips with yours, thrusting me into a world in which envelopes me with indulgence and ignorance,


and I burn…


These worthless remnants floating in the pantomime scatter,

the winds sweep together my forbidden memories in vain.

And my conscience will join the voices of the lost…

to form a dissonant orchestra of frowns and tears.


How dare they cry, mourning for the loss. How dare they laugh, in the horrid face of others. How dare they find, once again, the reason for war.

And so I let the imperfections of the wind carry me, and I find that I have ceased to care.


and I fall…



With time came memories, and when they soar past, memories fly with it-I’m so sorry…

What was I to do as a decaying remnant of a broken heart?

In the pits and the valleys smelling of death, I wander…

like a shell of a human, thrown away and forgotten.



But miracles do happen…or so did to me.


A bringer of light, not belonging anywhere near the lands of contempt and utter hate,

slowly, with radiating energy, blew life into my severed mind.

A sage of hope, carrying with it the eminence of a thousand skies,

with grace of that of a goddess, blew power into my burnt body.

A giver of love, with beauty equivalent to mother nature itself,

with no hesitance nor hints of repulse, blew love into my spirit.


Thus I stand again, embodying the light of life, the power of hope, and the spirit of love.



And vast horizons I see now with my eyes,

as an eagle looks beyond the earth,

And the bluest skies I feel with my spirit,

as an infant discovering within itself the infinite curiosity,

And the deepest oceans I embody now with my life,

as an individual with the courage to achieve wisdom and its gratitude.

I cannot breath; the world, it is much too beautiful.

With ever-increasing clarity,

my eyes shimmer in the light of your presence;

the true miracle of life is all my eyes allow to perceive,

and in you I see, phenomenal treasure towers of fundamental happiness and love,

and it is you that I value most-nothing can blind me now from this truth of life.

You are light. You are hope. You are love.


Thus there is pain; the pain of my own inferiority, to understand my frailty against the immortal, but I am driven by a force eternally greater than I,

filling my lungs and my limbs, recreating my head and body, painting my heart with the magnificence of extraordinary eminence.

And I cannot accept defeat, I cannot die, I cannot perish, as my acceptance of defeat is the ultimate sin to the holy divinities that once sought me to birth me into this life.


You have given me all that I am.

It is time for my journey to begin…

My journey;

to return the light, hope, and love that brought me to existence.


And what unspeakable joy!

My friends, we will stand here again, gallantly as ever,

On this profound peak of this mountain of life,

and declare our victory with our voices united as one for the nations, for the world, and for the universe.

We shall meet again,

And let us prove to all that all lives are of superior love, each with immeasurable happiness and joy!

It is of my deepest wish that you, my light, my hope, my love find your happiness; it is my vow to never falter in this journey of love.








As you and I, we are love.





I have committed acts of ignorance and hate in my life. I have trampled onto the blooming purity of innocence. I have done the unspeakable and enjoyed the impunity induced upon with my cunning, ill mind.

All these acts were unintentional; it was my subconscious living freely, with no moral center to enforce order upon my life. It was when my subconscious ran itself to destruction after repeating these acts, when I finally realized how empty and soulless I was. I noticed how meaningless and folly life had been and had become, leading me to lack the morality to continue caring. But life did move on, whether or not I cared. And these people in my life, my friends, my family, my mentors, the community… they never ceased to reach out a hand. They never faltered their rhythm of great happiness. They marched on, fighting the good fight, sometimes losing, but never giving up, and always turning out as victors in each of their heartfelt battles against their own evils and malicious manifestations. 

How could I lay there helplessly when all the world showed me the true potential of human lives? When each one looked within me with the eyes of truth and asked sincerely of my well being? When they heroically stood tall to face each of these crimes that I myself had committed along the way? 

It was truly like an experience of rebirth, although the process was gradual in my life. Slowly but surely, with each day passing and going, I found in myself this moral compass, this strength to stand once again, and this gratefulness, which transcends all fear that manifested within my heart.

Whatever I chose to do, whether that be One Acts, AP ELA, Rugby, or Karate, I knew now that most importantly I had to execute my life with beaming love and conscientiousness. I had been empowered; I was able to begin a brand new road to achieve a state of life that has the innate ability to retrieve lost souls, to bring them to the light of life, the power of hope, and the spirit of love. I must return the love that I once received. I must output this gratefulness that fills my heart with every second I live. But this is only my epilogue, an ending for a new beginning; my true journey begins here, with this conviction. 

As I began to realize life at its fullest, constantly focusing on the oneness of life and love, I began to recognize a merge in the two concepts, as if they were one and the same. And as I kept following through with my conviction, I only came to realize more love flowing from every part of my body, consequently creating the eyes of love. When this realization of life itself being love bestowed itself onto my eyes, I began to see that this flowing love was not something that someone had to build in their lives, but rather as something flowing ceaselessly from their heart, like their incessant breathing.

To my eyes, it is not life that births love, but love birthing life. It is not the world creating you, but you creating the world. It is not the cosmos you see with the eyes, but the eyes in which the cosmos reside.  I will hereby stand with ever increasing joy in my heart, which I vow to realize in each and everyone of you that exist as treasures of this century.

Friends, please respect yourselves. Please forgive yourselves. And most importantly, please love yourselves. You are what shapes this world and from you flows such beautiful energy-yes, everyone of you. Take care of your health and mind in these turbulent times and remember that you are so much more than you may think or see. I love you. May your grand lives take wing to the constant beat of love in your hearts, and let us soar into the valiant skies of hope, together.

(Translation: Arm in arm, let us become the greatest victors of this world! Nothing shall stand a chance in our glorious path; let us vow this love in our hearts!)


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