A Good Day in 2030

In this post, I chose to describe a snapshot of my day ten years into my future. It reads an awful lot like a self-insert wattpad fanfic, but I kind of like it anyway, because it gave me a chance to really think through all the details that make up the bigger picture. And the bigger picture will change, certainly. I thought it’d be neat to record this one by means of writing, and perhaps to look back at it when I’m twenty-five. Compare it to what will really go down in my adult life.


(Also, I don’t know anyone named James. It’s a filler name, I suppose.)



The sound of a boiling kettle. Isn’t it nice to know a hot cup of tea is on its way? I climb out of bed and make my way to the kitchen, turning the heat off. I pour. I wait. The mug warms my hands, and as I drink, the warmth flows down into my body chasing away the cold of the night.


The city woke up long before I did. I stand outside, enjoying the tea — and the view — on the balcony of my apartment. I watch the traffic move about, in between blocks of high-rise offices and shopping centres, a bustling hive of activity. I gaze at the clouds as they make their way across the blue sky, the sight of which is refreshing after the week of grey, rainy weather we had. From where I stand, I can make out just a bit of the harbour, to my right. I imagine the steady pulse of the waves on a morning such as this, cold mist spraying my face, the sound of seagulls circling above. The sensation threatens to lull me back to sleep.


10:30 AM. I slept in quite a bit, no doubt the result of last night’s work. I’ve never been a fan of impromptu design decisions, (especially on a Friday), but the team managed to pull it off in time. I’m glad.


I change into a light outfit for the day, and video chat with my parents. They tell me about the snowfall they had recently, and about my youngest brother’s acceptance into his post-secondary program of choice — Mechatronics at the University of Calgary. I’m proud of him. He is creative, like me, but he always had an interest in robotics and whatnot. I’m sure he’ll enjoy pursuing an education in something he’s so passionate about.

Shortly after I end the call with my parents, I receive a text from James — “I’m parked outside,” it reads. I check the time, it’s nearly noon. He’s very timely. I make sure to grab my sunglasses on my way out, (haven’t used those in a while!), and make my way down.


We drive to a cafe bistro for a quick lunch, before heading down to the Vancouver Art Gallery. We’ve been meaning to go for weeks, but we’ve both been so busy, in between work and planning our wedding. Today, I finally got to see the limited-time exhibitions of Derya Akay and Andy Dixon, two of the many artists that inspire me and my work… and James got to examine the new building in all its architectural glory. We spend all afternoon at the gallery, and take many photos, (where photography isn’t prohibited), and I know one day we’ll look back at those photos and remember how young we once were.


Just like my parents do so often nowadays.



I stand with James on the boardwalk of the harbour, revelling at the sight. The setting sun illuminates the water, a brilliant gold over turquoise, immeasurable beauty. Every moment is rich, from the way the boats rock gently in sync with pulsing waves, to the beating wings and cries of the seagulls. The sky is an ever changing canvas of colour, as if God couldn’t decide which painting is most magnificent. I breathe in the ocean’s mist — I breathe in peace. Yes, this is where I belong.

Feature Image: https://jinkouu.tumblr.com/post/82761118815

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