Light Through Her Eyes – December Free Choice

She loved the way the light hit the buildings at this time of day. She would talk for hours about how light could change a city. She’d sneak glances at me over her books just to see the light set my hair on fire. I said she was funny. I teased her relentlessly about how it looked the same to me. She’d just laugh and walk away.

She was odd. When we went to the mall, we would stop every five seconds because something in a store had caught her eye. She’d buy little trinkets that had no purpose and simply say that she needed them. I thought it was weird back then. Now, I miss the way her face lit up.

I would catch her looking off into space sometimes with a grin on her face. She’d occasionally bite her lip and give a quiet exhale as if she just thought of something sweet. I never noticed it back then but she has two dimples like craters in her soft moon face. When I would break her out of her dreams, pink would wash over her face and her smile would widen when her eyes locked with mine. I’d quickly look away. She told me she liked me. I told her I liked someone else.

When she ate something she liked, she would dance like a child, rocking herself back and forth in glee. She would buy me food often. I would always forget to pay her back. She called me her best friend but I had other friends. She would do anything if it meant I’d be happy. It was nice having someone care for me so much.

When she started pulling away from me I’d make sure to give her extra attention. A hug, a look, a smile was usually enough to get her back on my side. She never complained. I didn’t like her but I didn’t not like her. She was easy to keep until she wasn’t. I guess one day she’d had enough.

She stopped looking at me. She stopped watching the light hitting my hair. She stopped looking at me when her daydreams ended. She seemed happy at least. I’d try to get her back. I’d remind her of what it used to be like. She’d send me a platonic half-smile and brush me off. The worst part is she was still nice. She’d give me advice and ask if I was doing well but, it wasn’t the same. I could tell she didn’t like me like that anymore. I’d see her dimples deepen for someone else.

Now as I stare across the city, I can see the light through her eyes. The sun reflects upon the snow allowing it to glimmer and glow. The electric wires are a gold string and the rooftops shine like glitter. I look back and think of the way the sun hit her brown eyes, illuminating them until they became clear and light. I hope that her someone else will see the light through her eyes. I hope that her someone else will see the light in her.


In this piece, I really wanted to try and emulate the romantic teen novels I used to read growing up. I had a phase where I loved to read cheesy romance novels and that’s probably why I’m such a romantic now. Call me crazy but my favourite parts of the novel are when one of the characters realizes that they’ve messed up and that they love the other character. When written well a moment like this can stab you in the heart and make you feel like your going to throw up. I love being sent on a roller coaster of emotions so naturally those parts of the books are forever bookmarked in my bookshelf for future cravings of heartbreak. I really loved making this and it reminded me of some of the really bad versions of this I used to write when I was growing up. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

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