~Greed – Ambition or Selfish Desire?~

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Disclaimer: Although I am going against what I have always been taught, I still acknowledge dangers of greed and the reasons as to why to not pursue it. The reason for this blog is for me to explore a different approach to greed and to perhaps show my viewpoints to others. My intention is to not encourage others to constantly pursue greed, but to just show that maybe there are alternatives to perceive something that is commonly seen as only negative.

Life will never be perfect for anyone. Despite our efforts, we can never be whole. If that was the case, then none of us would have no goal to work towards and none of us would bother even to “try”. What would be the point if everything is already complete? You can have all the money in the world in still be missing something. You can have the most beautiful partner and still not be complete. Everyone want’s the life they don’t have. It is human nature to never have enough. There will always be something we strive towards and that is the motivation we have in our lives to just keep going. Having the ability to constantly goal set is what allows us to progress further in to our lives and strive to achieve what makes us happy. New objectives made after old ones obtained.

Could greed be a catalyst that aids us in reaching our desires? Or is it just an intense, selfish need to achieve a means? Both perceptions of greed can be correct depending on the extent that it is indulged in. Too much of anything has the potential to be a danger. We always see greed as a negative method to obtain anything. I believe the reason for that is because it becomes quite difficult to satisfy greed without becoming corrupt. Too quickly, it becomes addictive and difficult to stop without it encouraging a dangerous amount of selfishness, ultimately leading to the displeasure to many. We see this happen in far too many books and movies, allowing us to believe that greed can only have a negative consequence. Can’t it still be used as motivation that allows us to keep on pursuing? If we use it to benefit us, is it still called greed?

Greed: it is widely acknowledged to be one of the 7 deadly sins. Always shamed upon and ultimately rejected. However, it has the potential to become the component that allows us to visualize our future in our own idealistic manner. Never complete, never perfect, never will be. It is suggested by many that one indulges in greed for the sake to pursue happiness. One would argue that it is natural and mandatory to succumb to greed to a certain extent just enough to provide us with the motivation we need to keep “doing”. Our obtaining of materialistic goods and knowledge could never end because of greed. You may see it as a selfish desire, but I view it as an opportunity: with just the right amount, it can be be used to motivate one to achieve a means.

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2 thoughts on “~Greed – Ambition or Selfish Desire?~

  1. Dear Naomi,

    This piece actually opened up my mind to this concept. I believe myself to be a fairly open to new perspectives yet I have never thought of the sin, greed, in this way. You’re completely right about how greed allows us to strive for better, no matter how selfish it may be. Sometimes, it is necessary to be selfish in order to become successful in any aspect of life – I am, of course, not condoning malicious behaviour in order to get what someone wants by the way. I agree how greed could lead us to work harder on ourselves, and accomplish things that we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this intense selfishness. I believe everything is good in its own dosage, once you overdose in greed, it becomes gluttony which is never good.
    I also enjoyed the line: “It is human nature to never have enough.” I always strive to not have that define me, but as a human, I must accept that it is reality, I just need to learn to be grateful for what I do have.

    For suggestions, I would recommend looking through this again and fixing GUMPs.

    Thank you for opening up my mind.


  2. Dear Christina,

    It makes me happy that my work was able to open a new perspective in you. I am glad that you see my intention in defining greed and gluttony in a new way. Greed can have its advantages to an extent, and it makes me glad that you agree and you see that. I will consider your suggestion and go through my work again more closely looking for GUMPs and other minor errors. I know this becomes something that I tend to skim over so I now see I need to be even more careful in editing. Thank you for reading this over and giving me useful critique.



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