Woman (and other short snippets of scattered thought)

Francois, Jean. “SuperPhazed on DeviantArt.” DeviantArt, www.deviantart.com/superphazed

A brief preamble: for my last AP piece, I desperately craved something free flowing. I have done so much structured writing, and yet I have all these disjointed thoughts bouncing around my brain. I plan on adapting this little ‘snippets’ into longer pieces in the future, I just wanted to spill.

With each one, I have attached a brief description.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a style I’m used to, but I like to experiment.


I now may call myself Woman

no longer girl,




But woman, it fits in the mouth.

As if it was mine to say from birth.

As a kid, the word ‘woman’ was reserved for something I felt like I could not become. The idea that I could one day become the person I’ve dreamed of is incredible.Now, I love referring to myself as a woman. It feels glorious, and turns my fears of inadequacy away.


No first has changed me,

broken bones,

stretched skin.

The only alteration left a new formed memory.

No piece of paper or legal right

is able to change the flow of my blood.

There is this societal pressure on ‘firsts’, an idea that doing things for a first time raises you to a higher state then those yet to take that step. Acceptance into a bar, or getting a license will not change who I am at my core. They are new additions, not new alterations.

Car at Night

Stolen ride, the price another’s time.

I pay my toll in conversation.

An acceptance of ideas falls over the interior.

Within a box of metal and wires,

breeds depth.

A sense of connection,

spanned by cupholders.

This ones a bit simpler. I just find solace in car rides at night, where it is just those in the car, and the city lights. There is this spell cast, one of connection and conversation, and it is captivating.

That’d be Cool

Ink starting at the heart,

crawling up limbs,

stopping dangerously close to the neck.

Still able to be covered by stiff white shirts.

A cat,

(I’d name him something dumb)

A home,

(With those little decorative pillows)

A bike,

(But first, a license for that bike)

A love,

(I’m not particular)

That’d be pretty cool.

I see no set future for me, but that doesn’t stop me form imagining potential ones. Here I compile things I’ve considered as hallmarks of moving down my own path in life. This is in no way a set of goals. Maybe I’ll live like this, and maybe I won’t. My use of casual language “pretty cool” was meant to express my lax attitude to following one set path forever.

A final thank you:

Without this class, I wouldn’t have gained this sense of security in my ideas. It sounds vague, but there is power in saying something unsaid and believing enough in the core of idea to feel confident. I was so afraid of paling in comparison to those around me, and instead, I got to barter and borrow bits of colour from everyone in the room. This has been an incredible experience, one that has truly helped me grow.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To all of you,

Make this world know your name.

It needs it more than it will ever know.



Gif: Francois, Jean. “SuperPhazed on DeviantArt.” DeviantArt, www.deviantart.com/superphazed

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2 thoughts on “Woman (and other short snippets of scattered thought)

  1. This was so great, baby! It was a taste of the potential your poetry has and, believe me, you’re pree great at writing. I hope you keep it up.

    Lots of love,

    1. Dearest Ibukun,

      Thank you so much! You have a beautiful, poetic soul, which gives your praise so much value!

      Thank you again (and again)

      Claire. P

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