3. something creative

evolving is cool: a small collection of (mainly) poems

January 6, 2018; “[title]”:

I have heard that one should not preface their work

So I shall not explain myself,

As I have grown accustomed to do,

I’ll let my art speak for itself

And hope that is enough for you


But it never is

Never was

Never will be


You want to define me

Put me in a box

That fits your needs

Your perception

Your misinterpretation of who I am

Of who I will become


Your judgement makes me ache

For freedom

From the confines of your ideals

A world you believe to be



That I know to be



Corrupted by the ego of a man

Whose bones are too fragile to withstand

The force of my words

The malice of my pen

Threatening my voice

To protect your pride


The silence grows deafening

So you sip a little louder

To make a point

Sip a little louder

To point out my flaws

Sip a little louder

To drown me in your cup

Safe to be watched

Under your twitching eye

The eye of a beast




August 14, 2018; “Untitled”:

I thought the


Which rain possess

Was all I’d ever need

I thought it would be


Until I found myself

Wound in your arms

As the smell of


Flooded our room

Through an open window

I’d never turn to any other


If I could lay in this moment





November 12, 2018; “this isn’t love”:

You have never really


at me

only right through

admiring Your reflection

in my eyes

You always did think You

were more beautiful


-this isn’t love




December 18, 2018; “12/18”:

I never had a chance, did I?


That the thing – you did once but things change. Circumstances change. People change. They disappoint you so many times that one day you wake up next to a shell of a man that you’ve grown to loathe. I didn’t want things to change but they had to.




January 2, 2019; “The boy”:

The boy laughs

at my poetry

because he

does not understand.

It’s lame,

He mocks

I smile

Because – like a 

bee –

He will die

after stinging me.


My writing has evolved a lot over the past year and this is a glimpse into what that has looked like. I didn’t choose my favourite ones or the ones I thought were “best” just the first few I could find.  That being said, poetry has become a very vulnerable form of expression for me and, consequently, is not something I’m overly comfortable sharing. Thank you to this beautiful AP class for creating a space wherein I  feel safe to share parts of myself (and hopefully y‘all do too).  

Featured image taken from https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/856458054108038928/. All rights to original owners.

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