Cultural Seminar – The Mexican Revolution and Frida Kahlo

The following is my emulation of the aforementioned speech, “Mexican: Your Best Friend is a Gun.” This is in response to the Personal prompt: what do these texts suggest to you about the forces that encourage an individual’s actions?

To each and every brave and able-bodied Mexican, I say: let not the fear of your own death stir you from our plight. Do not let your own death stir you to join, for that is the attitude of a defeatist. Instead, fellow Mexicans, I ask: let the fear of your children, our great grandchildren, of our future illusionists and our future dreamers losing their lives stir you from our ignorant slumber, Let it rouse in your hearts our duty as this land’s brave Mexicans, for we may be the last of the brave. Let your gun be your best friend, yes, but also let your heart, the soul of Mexico, the burning engine of our changing world, be your shield. May it protect and guide you. You may fear exposing your hearts, but I promise you, the Diaz government will cower, under the symphony of our war drums beating into the night, and of our voices yelling, “¡Viva Mexico!”

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