China: A Feminist Perspective – Cold Emulation

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A Feminist Position in CHINA

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Capping Rhymes With Sir Shih Ching From Sun’s Root Land

By Qui Jin


Don’t tell me women

are not the stuff of heroes,

I alone rode over the East Sea’s

winds for ten thousand leagues.

My poetic thoughts ever expand,

like a sail between ocean and heaven.

I dreamed of your three islands,

all gems, all dazzling with moonlight.

I grieve to think of the bronze camels,

guardians of China, lost in thorns.

Ashamed, I have done nothing;

not one victory to my name.

I simply make my war horse sweat.

Grieving over my native land

hurts my heart. So tell me;

how can I spend these days here?

A guest enjoying your spring winds?



My cold emulation of Capping Rhymes with Sir Shih Ching From Sun’s Roots Land:


Don’t tell me the quiet

are the stuff of losers.

We are alone, yes, but,

We have decided to forge our own way through.

My introspective thoughts ever expand,

like a bell ringing through your ears.

I once dreamed of your energy

and loudness, all ideals,

but I grieve to think of my own world.

My world is vast, filled with curtains I hide behind,

but I am in the centre,

achieving everything and nothing.  

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