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The poem I wrote is about a friend whom I had a falling out with. We’re better now, and our differences have been settled, but at the peak of the conflict I had felt a lot of things. As I said, I am grateful for my competence in writing above all else, and I think it’s immensely important that one is able to solidify their emotions, be it through art, writing, or some other medium of art. I think that this poem represents not my best work as a poet, certainly, but an important piece nonetheless.

This poem was probably a hyperbole of my feelings at the time, but the human mind can do amazing things to simple situations. Looking back at it now, the situation seems pointless and trivial, and not at all worth the pain that it had caused.

Why did I choose this poem? Because, as I’ve said, it represents my passion for writing, and the value that I put in my friendships. Sharing this poem was hands down the hardest part of this entire project, so I hope you can enjoy it.



Every single day this week 

I’ve cried myself to sleep

And I don’t know what to do 
I’ve tried to explain myself to you 
But you never listen 
I’ve tried to be there for you 
I’ve tried to be the best person I could be around you  
And I’ve given you more 
Than I ever had 
And in the end  
I hurt you 
Trying to prove that to you
In the end
You told me I didn’t care 
You told me I only cared about myself 
You took the façade 
That I happily tore down for you 
And let it define me
And every time I try and tell you 
Every time I try and reach for you 
You give me nothing 
And every single day this week
I’ve cried myself to sleep 
And I don’t know what to do
Because your words made me question myself 
They made me doubt myself
And they made me doubt us
And I wish nothing more now 
Than to be able to cross the bridges that I’ve burnt for you 
And get back home 
Back to the place where I met you 
Where I wanted to understand you 
Where you wanted to understand me
Where your friendship gave meaning to my life
Where I could share anything with you 
Where I would happily slug through my pointless daily rituals 
If it meant a moment of your attention
Where we swore to each other 
We would be ourselves amidst a world painted black and white 
By the innumerable layers of pessimism and cynicism 
Placed to hide and protect us 
From the nuances and complexities of the world 
Because those didn’t matter to us 
Because whatever were to happened 
We would have each other 
And we would be there for each other 
But the more I look across from the other side 
The uglier that place looks
And the more I look at you 
The uglier the person in the mirror becomes  
So every day this week 
I’ve cried myself to sleep 
And I don’t know what to do
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