Thank You.

*In the following poem the theme focusses on the importance of pain, as pain is why we look back. If there were no pain, we would not care to stop in our tracks for someone else. The story of pain is told through the positioning of one’s lips, and the story of love is told by what those lips mean to another. 


Her lips formed a crescent moon

lying on its side,

red hot,d0ecc668fa97e1150710d8d460357cfa

as though burning with silent passion.


I walked on.


Her lips formed a crescent moon

lying on its side,

cracks trailing the edges,
words dying to seep through them.


I turned back. 


For pain was what I saw.

A pain I could not bear.

A pain I know not

how she could ever wear.


I stood by her.


It was just a crescent moon,

rendering me helpless,

its beauty mesmerizing,

and soon I was falling,



for the look in her eyes,

the way each tear held a storm

as her lips sung the blues.


My heart aching,

in wait,

for the day those lips

would again burn with passion.


But for now the cracks

were meant to be healed,

the words that seeped through,

to be understood.


My lips connected with hers.2d37d058c09820aad613d7a1a4cd3212


And my heart began to beat

not for me,

but for her.


Not for her lips,

but for her pain.


A pain that she wore,

that beautified her,

for me.


A pain that I thank

for breaking her,

for me.


For now there are tears

on the shoulder of my jacket,

that are her’s.


There are glances

ebbed in my memory,

that are her’s.


There are hopes

of our future,f46c8fa13a16c0cd0e13d40f85ca79f2

reflected in my eyes,

that are her’s.


There are arms

around her,

that are mine.




Image sources:

“Pinterest”. Pinterest. N.p., 2016. Web. 18 Sept. 2016.

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2 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. Dear Sania,

    Being a member of your family group, I can say with great confidence that you never cease to amaze me. From the first day of AP I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of power you held behind your grace, and I think that this poem is merely a reflection of that. As mentioned in the description of this poem, pain is something that is necessary to endure in oder to understand and appreciate the assistance of others. This piece was raw and beautiful, and I greatly appreciate the delicate yet impactful tone of the piece. I feel as though the idea of pain is associated with such harsh and gruelling experiences, when in reality, sometimes pain can be a beautiful thing. I have always had a soft spot for poetry, and so I could not resist reading your blog once I spotted your name on the main page, and I am so glad that I did. Like this piece, you are a work of art Sania. I’m truly humbled to have the opportunity to work with you and know you as a writer, peer, and friend. I look forward to your future pieces. Continue to amaze us, I beg of you.

    With love,

  2. Sania,

    This piece is absolutely breathtaking, from its concept to its visuals to the writing itself.

    To talk about pain, and growth, and how one cannot occur without the thought of another, is an absolutely invaluable and, often, unacknowledged concept. The vast majority of individuals believe that ignoring and forgetting pain is how one moves on from it – but, as you so beautifully demonstrated, it is through remembrance and acceptance of pain that individuals truly DO grow.

    Your growth as both a writer and as an individual have been wonderful sights to behold. You are able to grow with every word you write, and that is one of the many reasons I admire you so much.

    Thank you for such a beautiful piece.

    With love,

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