Having An Open Mind

“Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.”-Thomas Dewar


Growing up, you are usually experiencing a prosperous lifestyle. You will always need to have a mind open to other people, possibilities, ideas and opinions around you. When you have an open mind, you allow yourself to attract and follow opportunities. When you work with the power of a conscious and subconscious mind, you captivate your essentials for what you will radiate.

To create a life that is considered to be vibrant, you have to eliminate the negative and unwanted situations. To keep an open mind is difficult as it may seem meaningless when there is simply nothing to change about your life.

An open mind is an understanding mind, which will develop a genuine appreciation for people and situations. When you acknowledge other people’s feelings, their viewpoints, and their desires; their lives suddenly become important to you.

An open mind will accept other people unconditionally. It requires the discard of likes and dislikes and other similar emotions. When you learn to discipline your emotions, you allow people of different personalities to be who they are and to express themselves.

When communicating with others there will always be misunderstandings.  This can lead to a breakdown in friendships and relationships with others.

Having an open mind is a vital part of critical thinking that allows a person to understand the world deeply, and live a healthier, more rewarding life.


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4 thoughts on “Having An Open Mind

  1. Dear Amika,
    I really liked this post, your perspective on the idea of having an open mind was very interesting to read. I really enjoyed how you supported your claims the entire way through your piece, making sure that readers were aware of just how important having an open mind is to leading a happy life. Your analysis of the importance of seeking to understand others was well done, and although it was a critical didn’t feel cold and impersonal. I would like to encourage you to write more about the idea of open mindedness in other forms, maybe a story next?

    One thing I would add though would be contrast. To fully support your claim that, “Having an open mind is a vital part of critical thinking…” writing about the negatives of being closed minded would have been very useful. For example, when you wrote, “To create a life that is considered vibrant…” by adding something along the lines of “as opposed to dull” as an appositive after would have really struck a cord with me.

    Amika, from this piece I can tell you are a very intelligent individual, and look forward to further nuggets of wisdom you have to share. I would like to pose a question though, would you be willing to look into the perspective of, as speculated, Carl Sagan when he said, “Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out?” Once again, great job Amika!

  2. Dear Amika,

    While reading your story it reminded me of James Randi’s quote “There is a distinct difference between having an open mind and having a hole in your head from which your brain leaks out.”

    Anyways, your post on having an open mind is truly inspiring. The concept of your blog persuades the the reader that an open mind is what lead one to a happier life. Also your thoughts on acceptance allow us to grasp the idea, that to understand the world, we must understand the people in it first.

    Things to improve next time might be to add a compare and contrast of the difference in having an open mind and being closed off; the difference in perception and perspective. Also if you can make this idea of being open-minded into a short story, it will bring your blog to another level.

    Amika, I will be waiting for your other blog posts, and hoping to get to know you better this semester. Have a wonderful day.


  3. Dear Amika,

    I love the concept behind your post! It provides a crisp image of one of the things we, as humans, rarely ever remember to do. (Which is quite sad, actually.)

    Somehow, this post reminded me of an idea I hold close to my heart: The mark of a great mind is the ability to entertain ideas without accepting them. I think this would connect well with the central topic of this piece.

    The only thing that may have taken some of the strength from your writing is the lack of depth in the exploration of what it means to have an open mind. I feel as if your writing is on the cusp of something fabulous-with a touch of polishing, this would have been absolutely perfect.

    I hope over the course of the year I will have the opportunity to see your writing evolve and become even more incredible than it already is. This passage had an air of brilliance around it, and I will be very grateful if you allow me read your future works. I can tell that there are many things I could learn from your style!

    With love,

  4. Dear Amika,

    I am very intrigued by the topic of this piece. It is so important to master this skill of opening our minds, yet very few of us ever do. Most people are still battling themselves in this way. Sadly, we all lose sometimes.

    Your writing reminded me of how necessary it is for us, as students, to keep our parachutes open so that we can learn. Even I find myself looking up occasionally, to make sure that my descent will be a gentle one. The ground, and excruciating pain, are not as far away as I would like. Your message reminded me to reflect on this parachute of mine. Thank you.

    Enough of my babbling.

    The structure of this post was excellent. The writing is clear and precise- I admire that greatly. You easily conveyed a message that many others fail to do. That is simply amazing.

    The only suggestion that I have would be to alter the sentence structure a bit more. It felt a tad repetitive. An increase in depth and detail to the last to paragraphs (an open mind and it’s relation to others) would add the last bit of power this piece needs to turn into a diamond.

    This is a brilliant post, both in idea and in writing style. You deserve applause for it! I hope you will allow me the pleasure of reading your future work.


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