The Miracle of Love

Dear My Future Baby,

Love. What is love? Love is madness, love is delight, love is pain, love is passion. Love is behind all the rational and irrational decisions we make in life. And it is in love that you will learn to be content with what the universe has manifested, and what it has left untold.
Love is living without expectations nor judgments. Because Love is finding solace within the energy of the world we live in.

In your life, you will ask, “Is it possible to find peace in the battlefield?” And let me tell you, if you love, it is. For even if you were forced to drink a poison named Death, by a man indifferent to your suffering, your love for creation will shelter your soul from the depths of darkness your present self may endure. For what Good does not suffer? And what soul is truly impure?

Do not be fooled my dear, impurity of the soul simply cannot exist. It is believed by the majority that being stripped of one’s dignity is to taint one’s soul, resulting in a journey to the deceitful realms of hell. I could not disagree more, for I would strip myself of my dignity to love you any day. Because it is love that allows us, Wanderers, to find our own salvation. And how could one find salvation if impurity within our souls exist? I would offer that one simply can not and we have found Proof of this within our hearts and in this divine creation of soil, clay, water, and fire.

My salvation selfishly resides in the thought of your happiness and for this I would joyfully give away my life as an offering to Suffering. Many may say this is a sacrifice and loving you is my obligation as a parent, but my love for you and your happiness are beyond any materialistic sacrifices one can make. For you are like a rose, the earth and sun is your God, and I just the rain that provides water to your roots; my existence forever in service to yours.

When you’re older you will realize that parental love is the most beautiful form of intimacy in this world. For this love is not romantic, nor obligatory; it is the purest form of love in the world, unconditional love. It is sincerely a love for another human-being, a love for another soul, in its entirety. And this love is what I will fight for.
For this soul we share is why Love has been created and if I do not fight for this love, what is my purpose? So in the depths of our despairs in our destined time together, you can count on me to love you, for it is my honor not only as your mother but as a fellow Wanderer in this transient journey of symbols called Life.

I ask of you one thing and one thing only, to embrace the suffering in this world with open arms, for until you understand pain you will not be able to discover the miracles of love. Take every droplet of suffering as a blessing from beyond and when the world becomes a black hole of suffocation- do not lose hope in the miracles of Love. For Love is to be felt and every emotion you have is just another face of a deck of cards played by Love, Himself.

Your Mother~who will forever love you.

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2 thoughts on “The Miracle of Love

  1. Dear Malika,

    Beautiful, strong, intelligent Malika.
    Reading your piece has made me more reluctant to accept the suffering in my life. My favorite line, throughout the entire piece, was “for Love is to be felt and every emotion you have is just another face of a deck of cards played by Love, Himself,” as it enhanced the interplay between love and suffering by implying that love is suffering. That level of insight blew me away.

    In terms of improvements, I would offer that there was an abundance of themes/motifs. Dignity and duty being two of them. I feel as though your piece needed more of a flow. Sometimes when you brought up a topic, like the whole idea of dignity, it didn’t seem to fit in with everything else. It was beautiful in and of itself, but disturbed the flow of the piece as a whole.

    Regardless, I enjoyed reading your piece, and the notion that you presented is beyond my level of understanding, so thank you for opening that door for me. Perhaps I have never dared to open the door of love, in fear of what I may encounter, but at least I have you to turn the knob for me, allowing me to catch a glimpse. In fact, your thought process, and overall interplay between love and suffering throughout this piece, was so inspiring, that it gave me a brilliant idea for a script I have been dying to write. And so, once again, thank you.


  2. Dearest Malika,

    I absolutely ADORE this. Your writing is such a treat to read and reflect upon because it is so pure and so raw. Wowza.

    What I truly admire in your writing-and in this piece especially- is your ability to connect to the reader in such a human way. The emotions brought out from within me while I watched Life is Beautiful were just exquisitely and beautifully reiterated when I read your post. Your deeply poetic connection to the purest and most unconditional form of love is outstanding!! I found myself gripping ferociously to each phrase, more and more eager to swallow up the… I can’t even describe accurately what it made me feel–words do not do it justice.

    In terms of your voice, it makes your piece that much more enticing to read. Malika, you weave in such strong values about love and about relationships in ways I wish I had the ability to do as well. I see in your writing that you are not just extremely intelligent, but you are wise. Wisdom is something that cannot be taught, in my opinion; but it is a trait that is rare. It is truly remarkable, and I envy your ability to see and express the world in such poetic simplicity. Awesome job.

    This piece was truly amazingly written, and I can’t wait to see your future work!!!

    Much love,
    Carmen 🙂

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