The Catastrophe That is our Education System – A Polished Rant

For starters, this is not to be directed at any teachers and is not any of their faults, rather this is about a system which currently seems to be our only way to provide education to everyone and ensure that there is at least a certain amount everyone must learn. There are other options, however many parents would not feel strongly towards them due to the uncertainty surrounding those options. Now back to the  topic at hand: the issues with this education system.

Time is an enormous issue with our current education system. Think about it. We wake up at 6 or 7 in the morning and come back at around 4;that’s nearly 10 hours of our lives for 5 days a week. On top of that we are told to get anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep. Even if we only take 6 hours of sleep (the recommended is 8) that’s still 16 hours of our lives gone right there. That’s two thirds of the day – meaning we only have 8 hours to spare. 8 hours may look like quite a bit of time, however you need to fit time for homework from every class, keep up with extra curricular, spend time with your family, and also spend time for yourself. Now it’s getting a little overwhelming. Great, working under stress for most people makes things even worse so now life is just falling apart. Looking for ways to decrease the amount of time spent at school or the amount of homework and assignments could help solve these problems because perhaps school is taking a little too much time. Since this is my post, I would like to share a personal story – which I feel many of you may relate to. I come back from my two weeks of Winter Break only to get assaulted with assignments and homework – some my own fault – as well as test dates and these absurd things called an in-class final? I thought I was already writing my final in the last week of exam break, but it turns out they want us to be prepared two weeks prior to our actual exams. Now I feel the stress kicking in and I need to sacrifice sleep, time with my family, and time for myself just to ensure that I get everything done. I agree that some of that work was my own fault, but most of the work was given at that time. I lose multiple nights of sleep – which creates even larger problems because now I can’t pay attention during any of my classes or even my tests. I take a step back and look at what I’m doing: I’m in perpetual motion.

Another issue very prevalent is the idea of final exams. Many people already struggle with dealing with stress, so telling them that they better do good on this one test or else they may not get to pursue their passion in university does not really help. The issue here is that there is too much pressure on just one test – taken in only one type of manner which is answering questions and solving problems. There needs to be more ways to test someone on if they truly understand the topic. I suggest that instead of being tormented for 4-6 hours, you should allow them to take the test orally, practically, or written. This way everyone’s strengths are accounted for instead of just the people who can take a test well.

The last point I want to rant on is that the education system does not give a variety of ways to learn. It is not the teacher’s fault when they are given large textbooks to complete on a tight schedule, rather the curriculum itself needs a change. There needs to be a way to teach in more methods than just the basic lecture-note method. In Science and English this is less of a problem since labs and discussions have allowed for more methods to learn than the generic method. For math and social studies however, there is almost no other method of teaching meaning that either you need to adapt your way of learning to the method they are forced to use or you will struggle to keep up with the pace of the course.

All in all, the education system has its problems, but with time it will improve… hopefully. Thanks for reading this rant about this horrific disaster that is the education system.

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3 thoughts on “The Catastrophe That is our Education System – A Polished Rant

  1. Dear Mr. Zain:

    Wow! Another blog post? I guess I can no longer brag about having double your count of blog posts…
    This was a nice piece that had a strong voice and tone as assertive and direct. Your emotion really comes out here: which is interesting because I didn’t expect you to be so passionate about this. You can’t deny the fact that you are definitely a high achiever when it comes to your academic performance, so I think it’s quite brave for you to be critiquing it in this way.
    The examples you gave about your personal life also add into your passion and voice because it related you to the situations you were talking about. Oftentimes, we feel detached from the writer, but this had none of that problem.
    I’m going to be honest with you – we both know where this could improve. With some more time, I’m sure you would have extended this piece, added more examples, and polished the work a bit more. That would create a truly magnificent piece. This is a post with a lot of potential, but at the moment it is just “great”.
    Also, as an arguer, I feel like you need to bulk up on your reasoning. Your argumentation that supports your claim just isn’t detailed enough, and I feel like I could pick it apart – not because it’s not valid – but because you didn’t write it all down.
    That said, it was enjoyable to take a trip into your brain. I can tell you have a fire within you that has a lot of arguments to make, and so letting that fire burn carefully will create some truly incredible work.



    1. Dear Sir gee,

      You know I couldn’t let you overpower me that much man. I really do appreciate the fact that you gave a lot of feedback even if I’m crying on the inside from all the criticism, but yes it’s true – I rushed. Prime example of “you reap what you sow”. I completely agree that this could’ve been so much better, but due to my lack of diligence in some parts I definitely left room for improvement. Thanks for roasting me, but in a constructive way so that it fits the criteria as a comment. All jokes aside I really appreciate the comments and will give you a piece later on that you can call “magnificent”.


  2. Dear Zain,

    I honestly found myself nodding my head in agreement throughout this entire rant. I completely agree that our school system is outdated and it must be renewed for a more effective education in order for our generation and future generations to become successful. I noticed that you really focused in on the stress part of this situation, and I feel the same way, especially at this time. I would’ve loved for you to expand beyond that, but I’m assuming that was your theme that you were sticking with throughout. This was a nice piece with your disappointment and/or anger radiating from it.

    For suggestions, I just recommend reading over this again and finding GUMPs to fix and minor mistakes such as: “4;that’s” (adding a space) and “I lose multiple nights of sleep” (lost instead of lose).

    Good job dude. Can’t wait to read more.


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