Pechakucha-Extended Version

In the past, I have been asked what my fears were and not had an answer. Maybe I could have said death but other than that, I was not exactly fearless but I did not have any fears. Recently, I have stopped and thought about it and concluded that I might maybe be sorta kinda be afraid of the ocean for the following reasons: the above image is just a sample of one of the more regular weird ocean creature that live in the depths with Aquaman. In my opinion, ocean dinosaurs were scarier that land dinosaurs. The ocean is also incredibly vast. If you are stranded near the surface and can get air, you could get exhausted before you reach land and you drown. If you are stranded farther down, now it is also dark and their is high pressure not to mention the previously stated fish. You know what, you can be the judge on whether this is fear or not.

The Theory of Evolution states that Homo sapiens came from organisms similar to monkey (or apes if you prefer) and I disagree with this because of my faith. Some other things I disagree with are the Big Bang Theory, abortion(pro-choice) and homosexuality, to name a few.

For Biology 20 we are assigned an animal to do research on and this is my project. Enzo Amogan is in my class and he told me that the baby hognose is cute so here we are. To my understanding a snake with legs is a serpent and the devil is a serpent (see Genesis 3). And I find it ironic that a Christian (such as myself) would play the devil’s advocate. I like to debate. It also turns out that mice are part of snakes’ diets.

Geronimo Stilton was one of the first series I read and I would still be willing to read it now. It made reading fun something that creates habits that are maintained for the rest of a person’s life. DISCLAIMER: This quote goes with both this and the following image. “Life’s not is it. That I will never be king and you will never see the light of another day, and you-”

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?”

“Oh, Zazu you made me lose my lunch”…  “Don’t look at me that way Scar.”

“Spit him out, Scar” See now if it was part of my job description to get eaten I would probably have a reaction similar to Pumba. “SHE’S TRYIN’ TO EAT ME!” Plus I would rather not be an administrator but some sort of scientist. Disney’s Hamlet is a good movie though.

Speaking of eating, I am on a diet. “What Ibu is on a diet?” I know right I am not wearing a romper. Three of us should get that joke. Let me freshen your memory. “You are wearing a romper.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Are you on a diet?”


“I’m not saying you’re fat or anything, it is just that you are wearing a romper.”

For those of us who went to the South Middle School, we know that the old Panthers’ logo looked strikingly similar to the Puma logo. Well I started off a young boy in grade 6 as a Panther in track and field. This was the beginning of my athletic career. As the years passed, I adapted and evolved. I adapted into and out of cross country and into volleyball. I evolved from a level 8 Panther into a level 9 Phoenix.

I can imitate cows(somewhat) but I cannot imitate Mickey Mouse anymore. Let me explain. A thirteen year old boy is just sitting minding his own business and then all of a sudden, a guy who he had never seen before comes up and punches him really hard. “Hey, what was that for?” his voice is so deep he surprises himself. The guy responds, “I’m puberty.”

The year was 2016, or was it 2017, Daniel Curdov and I are making Soviet jokes. The horse girl approaches, “You guys are beating a dead horse.” As true communists connected through the hive mind, the Soviet and I say in unison, “In Soviet Russia, you no beat dead horse. Dead horse beat you.”

And now for Abygayl’s brother Raphael the Mutant Ninja Turtle. The true reason for his presence is, as this pechakucha is a joke, I needed another animal to make this complete.

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6 thoughts on “Pechakucha-Extended Version

  1. Dear Boobu
    I enjoyed the humour of your blog. Honestly even though I already knew the jokes that were going to be here due to your presentation I still had the urge to laugh to some of them. I liked how through such few words you conveyed many strong values that you yourself have. it was a nice engaging read that hooked me in and made me feel happy after I read it. Reading it because I know you already does reflect you and your personality. You are a person who is not afraid to have a conversation without the other person having context and rolling with it. You like to speak your opinions on things and be engaged in conversation but you also like to withhold information almost as if wanting to be secretive and make people curious about what you mean.

    I would say as feedback you should provide a little more context or information about their importance to you. It may help with some readers who are not as well acquainted with you as I am.

    Good work nonetheless. I enjoyed reading it and look further tofuture readings.
    Lord Drysdale

    1. Dear Lord Drysdale,
      I also enjoyed the humour of my blog. I greatly appreciate your laughter and your understanding. Honestly, starting in the middle of the conversation is half of the joke. As for the importance, do you think any section in particular that needs to be extended? Finally, thank you for your enjoyment in my production.
      Sincerely, bUbU

  2. Hey Ib,

    I loved your very different take on this project. While most people decided to go in-depth and have a more serious take on the blog you decided to make yours completely unique which I admire. I do think however that your blog was still affective in sharing a little bit about yourself and completely embodied your style of humour. Honestly, if you had not put your name anywhere on your blog I would still know exactly who it was about. Overall your blog gave me a refreshing and humorous look into your life.

    Even though I felt as though your presentation was very good at reflecting you I felt as though it was a little hard to follow. This could easily be fixed in part by changing the format so the words lined up with the text better. I also think that you could’ve expanded more on some of your points to reinforce their significance in your life and connected your points a little more fluidly. I believe that making these changes would bring your piece to the next level and provide some clarity especially for people who may not know you as well as I do.

    I really did love the uniqueness of this piece and I think it really embodied you not just in the writing but in the overall tone of the piece. I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future.


    1. Dear Gail,
      I appreciate your appreciation of my pechakucha and admire your admiration. Thank you for the feedback you gave and I will work on fixing the format. If you have any preference on which points I should expand on or are unconnected, please tell me so I can work on that.
      Sincerely, bubuu.

  3. Dear Boobu,
    If all of your writing is like this, then I’ll be reading your work forever. Ib fan right here. Go Team, Go. Ok, let’s get back on track now. The reason why I loved this so much was because it was just so casual and random and in reality, that is my aesthetic. It felt so genuine and really screamed IB (not literally, that would be terrifying). It really highlighted your sense of personality, something which I’ve only experienced on occasion, and it showcased this chill yet chaotic character that captured who you really are.

    Now the thing that is creating conflict within your blog the fact that, in order to maintain a steady sense of randomness and humour, you ended up with a bunch of 1-sentence paragraphs which, in the end, weren’t able to create enough depth or deep emotion, which I think would have helped to define what you were saying: for example, “Some other things I disagree with are the Big Bang Theory, abortion and homosexuality, to name a few.” I have no clue whether you are saying that you disagree with people having abortions, or the banning of abortions, which can cause some problems for the reader when it comes to understanding. Also, of your writing was composed of conversation between two people, which at times got kind of muddled for me (it might also just be because I can be mentally slow at times). To clear that up, maybe try formatting the lines the way scripts do. That way there is less ambiguity when it comes to who the speaker is.

    It was actually so fun to read your work and I’m glad to have found someone with such a spectacular sense of humour. Can’t wait to read more from you in the future!
    Sincerely, Simran

    1. Dear Simran,
      I am so glad I have a fan; it is getting hot up here. Thank you for being specific in what you would like to see improved. I will definitely work on the sentence you mentioned and reformat my dialogue. Again thank you for your comment it would get and E in my books.
      Sincerely, buubu

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