Meticulous Observations

“Meticulous Observations”

I see people strolling by,
And I can’t help but notice their clothes.
What do they say about them?
The wearer of bright clothing
Seems to wear it only to conceal a darker mood
Similar to how the individual who wears darkly shaded clothes
Appears to be perpetually joyful.
Between them, I see a boy

I see people walking by,
And I can’t help but notice the language their body speaks,
What secrets will it yield to me?
The one who walks at a slower pace enjoys lingering
As if the whole world may move on while they trudge slowly behind;
A woman walks past that individual with a skip in her step, unrivalled in speed,
Walking towards a destination she has known her whole life.
Between them, the boy is still there

I always see this boy who fails to move,
But I never notice him.
Why have I never looked at him for longer than a moment?
He doesn’t acknowledge me in the same way that I am ignorant to him.
The boy appears lost, looking to others for guidance but not to me, never to me
I move towards the boy, and he
Strangely mirrors my movements, standing in front of me
He is no longer between people

The boy finally sees me,
And I can’t help but notice his expression
Why does it remain unchanged when looking at me?
His cold, viridescent eyes indicate his indiscriminate
Meticulous observations.
His expressionless face reinforces his resolution to avoid indulging in judgement

As I look at my reflection in the glass window, I realize that the boy, who never once looked at me,
Was myself.


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