Not Understanding

I believe the most tragic thing that can happen to someone is not the death of a loved one or one’s self, but the loss or inability to understand. I do not mean understanding the environment, I mean the incapability to understand ourselves, and others; the inability to connect, to comprehend other’s emotions.


Now, some will argue that War is much more tragic, however, let’s look at the reasons war started. In a survey done by the Stanford University, the top 3 reason war started was: Religion, Revenge, and Ethnic cleansing. All these reasons for war would have been prevented if we could take the time out of our day and tried to understand one another. Let us say everyone were to accept each other’s religion then the questions about whose religion is better would not arise. Revenge would not be a problem, because what is the reason for revenge if there is no war. And as for the last part, Ethnic Cleansing, if you don’t know Ethnic Cleansing is; it’s the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society (google). Now, if we were to understand and appreciate our differences then why in the world would someone try to go around and kill someone due to their race.


Now, in life many of us, if not all, our goal is to be happy. In a study done, it stated the number one way to be happy, was to connect with others, form relationships. Keeping this in mind, if we do not know how to work with people, then how in the world are we going to get to know each other. Humans are social beings, we are species that interact with one another, and by doing so we thrive.


Canada is a great example of understanding and accepting our differences. We have the charter of right and freedoms which allow all Canadians the freedom to practice their religion, and figure of speech. Even though we are not a perfect country, we are attempting to be the best we can be. On June 1st, 2008, the Canadian Government started the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) a mandate to educate all Canadians about the Indian Residential Schools. Allowing us to understand what the First Nations have gone through, and comprehend how it has impacted their identity and culture. We still have a long way to go to make this country a better place for all Canadian, however, we are heading in the right direction.


Now, here is a little self-reflection in case you still do not believe me. Think about everyone you care and cherish; this would include: friends, family, or just anyone in general. Now, if you did not get to know them, did not step out of your comfort zone and strike a conversation with them, or did not try to get to know them; would you still have those relationships, no right? See, what we live for, as much as we like to deny it, we live not only for ourselves but also for the people we love.
Understanding people, accept them for their differences, appreciate who they are, I believe will bring world peace. Allowing us to gain more knowledge, since being more open-minded with people and not letting our prejudice get in the way; allowing us to appreciate a person for who they are, not how they look like.

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One thought on “Not Understanding

  1. Dear Enameka,

    Wow, this is such an eye opener for me. Yes I have thought of it before but I never really put much thought to it. This is a really great idea to explore.

    When I read this blog post for some reason, my mind went back to the book club discussion that was held regarding the book Fahrenheit 451. We brought up the idea of sympathy and how the world would be a much better place if we all had sympathy towards one another.

    Again, this is great and one way I as an individual view the world and try to justify most not all of my actions is through this quote “Do unto other what you would like them to do to you.”

    I really appreciate your voiced opinion and how it reflects a lot about your persnality that I am aware of so far. This piece is really great and I would like to further discuss this either in person or just an elaboration of the human condition – empathy.

    Much Love,

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