A Stolen Crown

The response that I have shared is not my personal response towards Trump acquiring the presidential title of the United States of America, but rather is the perspective of an individual that could arise during his presidency. He is a man who has been openly racist, sexist, and homophobic; he has degraded people based on their religion. And during his presidency, if he chooses to oppress these individuals rebellion can arise; but this is just one perspective out of many (maybe an extreme one). I believe we are a progressive society; we should all stand stronger together against injustice, and not remain divided for that is where violence is instigated. But if we are not able to do this effectively, a consequence can arise, which is why I have written this response below.


I do not think you all understand,

How we have surrendered,

And abandoned to carry forth what our former soldiers,

Had died for.

Each day they awaited their death,

To give the future,

A chance they were told,

To just wait for.


But I see how you succumbed and remained foolishly ignorant,

Because within him you found a safe security,

Because he chose you to be like him,

And therefore,

He could not dare brutally touch what was already a part of him.

You were included.

And those degraded because of their race, gender, religion and sexuality,

Were excluded.

And there is a comfort in that,

Knowing you have secured contentment for yourself,

And therefore you somehow do not need to acknowledge,

How women are not to be uselessly equated with the word “gold-digger.”

How sexism is a threat that we fought,

to be acknowledged,

for nearly a century,

to receive our precious human right to vote.

How feminism is in fact equivalent to equality.

How being a Muslim does not identify one as a terrorist.


Is safety worth it, when it involves you alone?


[Shift in who is being addressed as you]


And you,

You do not understand,

Eyes that were given the ability to see,

But choose to remain blind,

You do not understand,

That when you oppress us,

You limit us to two extremes.

To be subjugated or to act.

It is simple.

But people are more outspoken,


Your loud mouth forgets our spoken whispers,

Our united ferocity,

And we will want you to feel,

What we have felt,

And that is to do what you have done,

To seek comfort,

In this rebellion,

That will instigate change,

Though it may be the cost,

Of a selfish man,

That deems himself to be an extension of you.


Understand that when war seems to lick at your feet,

And overpower your senses,

You will not be prepared.



A child who was never meant to be given,

Another’s toy,

Will relish in his cheated victory.

But forget that it was never his,

And the other will do everything,

To attain what always rightfully belonged to him.


You are awkward in your placement,

You do not fit,

And you know that,

You believed a crown was attached to your head,

But it was always a little crooked, was it not?

You are wrong,

And we know you are wrong,

Because that crown,

That gets polished,

Is not fit for a man that’s devoted to his country,

Because he,

Who is dutiful,

Fights for it,

And that causes scars,

That causes wounds in which blood hurriedly seeps forth,

Because it reminds his people that he is always fighting for them,

And he is part of all of them.

You do not do that.

You do not look out for all of us.

You are not part of all of us.

And that is where it will all begin.



I warn you,

Do not confine me,

To a feeling,

That was forced upon me,

That is unnatural to me,

Something that my skin itches to get rid of,

Because I will do anything

To stop it.




When they read this some decades later,


This is how it all began.

And we never wanted it to.

He did.







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2 thoughts on “A Stolen Crown

  1. Sadia,



    WOW! If only Trump could read this, I would hope it could have the same affect on him as it did me… Although I know that’s wishful thinking.

    I don’t mean to point out the extremities in this character or the aspect of rebellion, but of the emotions we can connect to what citizens are feeling now. There are sentences in your blog here that, while extracting the idea of violence, convey what millions of people in this world wish to scream from the rooftops, to have projected to the rest of the world who just do not understand. I feel as though this piece could give the strength and hope a person needs, and to show them that we understand the struggles that may and even will arise with this presidency.

    Many people upon hearing the news of his election instantly began to protest. I can even safely say that there is no doubt someone out there is angry enough to want to fight back even harder. I do not wish to encourage them, as we should all act as one and lift the world higher together. Your blog, however, shows people that we can become one without violence, because we understand why people can feel that angry.

    This piece is overall very powerful and revealing. It’s full of understanding and new revelations, it’s full of wisdom and insight… I’m so glad I read your piece.

    The lines, “You believed a crown was attached to your head,

    But it was always a little crooked, was it not?” brought a chill to my spine. It made me realize the depth of this piece.

    I look forward to more of your writing!


  2. Dear Elissa,

    Thank you for your wondrous comments; I am so elated that you liked reading this piece. Even though this was an extreme perspective, I loved how you recognized there was a certain unity present because although I did think deeply about such a perspective, I also wanted it to to be relatable. And I love how you said that my blog conveyed an understanding to the anger that was present because I wanted this extreme resentment to not shut out the reader but indulge them with information they may have become ignorant towards.

    THANK YOU for you kind response:)


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