This I believe.

” We long for people when they are gone. Never when they are alive.” -Sidd Parmar

I believe in cherishing and appreciating your life and the people that you love and hold dear to your heart. I believe we become so acquainted and become indulged with our typical days and our ‘normal’ life that we forget about simply being appreciative of everything we have been given and all that has been done for us in our lives. We tend to say “I love you” or “Thank you”, but these are just words we throw around that have become as meaningless as the people who we say them to. We don’t take time out to appreciate where we are now and everything we have been blessed with, not realizing that there is a plethora of people out there who would give away their soul just to have the luxuries we do. 


I remember the day as if it were a chilling nightmare, haunting me everywhere I go. It was Friday October 5, 2018. I had just got back from an outdoor education trip and my cousin had arrived to pick me up from school. Once we had left the school, she had told me sorrowful news.


Our great uncle passed away the night before while I had been on the field trip. Despite growing sick and being crippled by illness, having survived a stroke and many other conditions, no one had expected such a tragedy. She later told me that our cousin, who happened to be my great uncle’s grandson, was overcome with grief and had isolated himself from everyone. He was extremely distressed due to the fact that he had not gone to visit his grandfather for a prolonged period of time.


Hearing of such a tragedy and seeing as how to my cousin was mourning made me realize how I myself, have become so indulged with my life and my daily activities and my school work that I now tend to neglect appreciating people and all they have done for me. Particularly my grandfather. He is now 83 years old and has survived many episodes and has had multiple brushes with death. I realized how he won’t be here forever and someday he too will pass away. I realized that I should appreciate what I have and that I am here because no one is here on this Earth forever and we do not know when our time will come either. Or when the time of our loved one’s will come.


 We omit this information out of our minds but when we lose something or someone valuable we say to ourselves “ Why didn’t I spend more time with you” and we become lost in our grief not realizing that we should’ve cherished them sooner.


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6 thoughts on “This I believe.

  1. Dear Sidd,

    First off, I am glad that I was assigned to comment on your piece, as I enjoyed your presentation in class. Your personal quote really added a touch of wisdom at the beginning and it made me think a bit before reading the rest. The rest was phrased beautifully, by the way. The initial paragraph was a strategic (personal) attack; I am sure that we are all guilty of taking things for granted to some extent, and you just put it into the right words. Some words I particularly liked were “cherishing,” “acquainted,” and “indulged.” After such a flowy and wise paragraph, the second one was a sudden scary drop that intensified the gravity of the situation. The way that you split your paragraphs is admirable- it adds tension and importance as necessary, and I hope to learn from that. The personal story you used was a strong support for your belief; although I have never experienced the loss of someone close to me yet, it still related to me in a way. Overall, it was a short and bittersweet piece full of regrets and lessons.

    To improve, I think a few rereads and editors could have saved your writing from the minor punctuation and grammar errors. I do not think they heavily affected it, but a bit of polishing always helps. The length is a bit on the short side, but I got the idea and what you are trying to convey, so I am not sure if making it longer makes it better. I will leave that to the experts.

    Thank you for sharing your belief! I didn’t know that much about you before, so this is new. I hope to get to know you better throughout this semester!

    Tiffany (•ө•)♡

    1. Dear Tiffany,

      I appreciate the time you took to read my blog and comment on it. I am highly grateful for your feedback as I find you to be an incredible writer. It is calming to know that I am not the only one guilty of taking things for granted.

      Looking back at my blog, I agree that I indeed should have proofread and polished the writing a bit more. And as for length, I found it relatively short but I was not able to convey more in my blog without repetition. I am glad that it did not take away from the overall message of the blog.

      Once again, I am incredibly grateful for your constructive criticism and I will keep it in mind when I am writing more blog posts in the near future.


  2. Dear Sidd,

    I would like to say that I’m glad that I had been assigned to comment on your writing when you did your presentation I knew I had to read it. The first paragraph served as to powerfully convey your meaning and served to identify the thoughts that everyone has in their life. The rest of your writing transitioned wonderfully and really makes the reader reflect on their own choices at the end. The quote “We omit this information out of our minds but when we lose something or someone valuable we say to ourselves “ Why didn’t I spend more time with you” and we become lost in our grief not realizing that we should’ve cherished them sooner.” played a great role in your piece. It summarized your point in a non-repetitive way and brings about the inner thoughts that most people have when faced with the confrontation of an unexpected death.

    For improvements I suggest you look over what you write and say it in your head before publishing as there are a few spelling mistakes. Also, you should work on your conclusions as at the end it sounded like there was more to be said on the topic. While short you did convey your thoughts and got your point across, but your writing proved there are thoughts you could expand on such as the recovery process or the like.

    I wish to thank you for sharing your inner thoughts, experiences, and emotions with your piece. This taught me quite a bit about you and I look forward to your future pieces.


    1. Dear Harsh,

      I am highly grateful for your feedback and the things that you had to say about my writing. Coming from you, it means a lot as I found you to be an amazing writer when I was reading your post.

      After reading my ending I do agree that it was not as good as it could have been. For future reference, I will attempt to expand further on my thoughts and try to convey more in my writing. I agree that it was short and that I should have conveyed more into it.

      Thank you once again for reading my blog. I look forward to working with you in ELA and other subjects.


  3. Dear Sid,

    Before reading your blog, I only had a vague idea about what your belief was about based upon your presentation. I was intrigued, as I myself contemplate losing loved ones surprisingly often, and actually pretty excited to see what your work produced. Needless to say, I thought it was excellent. You words, your sentences, flow seamlessly into a tense and emotional narrative that gripped me. Use of vocabulary such as “sorrowful”, “meaningless”, and “haunting” created a chilling tone throughout your piece. Although I have yet to fully experience the loss of someone close to me, your work put me into a state of empathy; I could feel the sadness, nay, hopelessness conveyed through your writing. Your conclusion ended the piece perfectly, leaving the reader in a state of contemplation in such few words.

    In terms of improvement, I agree with Tiffany and Harsh when they suggest checking over your work carefully before submitting it. Perhaps ask another person to simply check for spelling and grammatical errors, as there were a few within your post. By fixing these mistakes, you can help pull the reader deeper into your work.

    All in all, Sid, your piece was excellent and I will definitely make sure to check out more of your work throughout the semester. Despite knowing you all these years, I don’t believe I have actually have read anything by you, which, if your past work was as good as this, was a mistake.


    1. Dear Ben,

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that you were fond of my choice of words and flow in my sentences. Although I am not good at conveying emotions in my writing, I am glad that you found emotion in my writing piece. In the future, I will keep note of your advice and I will spend more time proofreading my future writing.

      Once again, thank you for commenting on my writing; it means a lot coming from a great writer such as yourself.


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