each – for valentine’s day


you already know who it is 😉


Each moment with you I try my hardest to grasp.

For those seconds of love can’t cease to elapse.

A tired truth stays hidden behind those eyes;

A sweet smile stays translucent through those cries.


How to caress and not corrupt?

How to embrace confidently yet not too abrupt?

Such questions plague each corner of my mind.

The depths of which only you can seem to find.


Each word the respect of a hundred bows.

Each smile the catalyst that seems to rouse.

Each fire within me that burns real and true.

In Each moment, am I not in love with you?



don’t worry about it 😉


I absolutely detest the holiday that celebrates the one thing I can’t get: love.

Seriously though, Valentine’s day is kind of a load of BS. If you truly love someone, one specific day shouldn’t be when you display that love, nor should you expect someone to do so. It creates an unrealistic expectation of what it means to express your love to someone, and when you can’t follow through on that, it makes you look like a bad guy.

As a person who is all about love (obviously) I decided to write this poem from a completely neutral perspective. I don’t talk about anything materialistic because love can’t be quantified. It can’t be squeezed into a box of chocolates or a cute teddy bear.

But it can be instantaneously grasped in a poem, for just a second before love comes spiraling out and paints the whole page an aggressive pink. Hopefully I’ve managed here to capture just a second of love, and a second of what we all want. To me, Valentine’s Day is nothing but a great reminder to appreciate my loved ones and those who are going to be beside me all the time; and so for that reason, I like to try and make it a point to remember them every day instead of just once. I want to appreciate them and never forget them, and this is how I know that I truly love someone.

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