I See an Empty Sky – January Free Choice

This was the poem that Abhay and I wrote for our Bowview Manor project.

I see an empty sky,
But there are birds in it,
And they are watching me.
Their wings are like whispers;
I wish that I could fly.

látok egy üres ég,
But there are mountains in it,
And I can finally breathe when I see them.
Their towering slopes are my home;
I wish they would stay.

I see an empty sky
From the place where I sit,
Wondering what I did
To lose these wings of mine;
I am wondering why.

látok egy üres ég,
A reflection of my misty eyes in it,
Wondering if I can hold it,
To grab it in my own hands;
I keep wondering if I can.

Can you see these misty eyes?
I can…
So much is lost in waiting,
Watching, through a film
Until resolution loses meaning.

But there’s hope.
And the love of the people I knew,
And those who know me, will carry me
On wings of warm wind
Above the mist.

There’s sun up here,
I can see the birds.
It’s not so bad after all.
Látod ezeket ködös szeme?

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