Kal the Prince

What do these texts suggest to you about the nature of HUMAN LONGING and how an individual’s life is shaped by such DREAMS?

The Nightingale

KAL/PRINCE-Unhappy with the way royals are behaving


LANE-LUCY’s father

SERVANT- a servant to the PRINCE

Scene I

In a medieval palace, the PRINCE speaks with his SERVANT

PRINCE: Nobility suffers from hubris. We believe that no one is good enough for us. We look down on the commoners and marry those with titles as ours. Our societal structure is just a ploy to keep serfs suffering and dukes dining. At times such as these, I wish I was not royalty.

SERVANT: What shall you do milord?

PRINCE: I feel shame to be a part of this family so dearest servant I believe I must leave.

Scene II

In a forest, LUCY is in a river and appears to be drowning. Enter KAL dirt streaked.

LUCY: Help!

KAL turning to the sound sees LUCY who is starting to lose consciousness. He jumps into the river, drags her out and performs CPR.

LUCY: Thank you- opening her eyes How dare you touch me you, you frog?! she jumps up and runs away.

KAL: That maiden hath eyes that would awaken the dead and cause them to die again. Her beauty is unsurpassed and has set my soul afire.

Scene III

Scene is in LUCY’s house. Her father is home making dinner. LUCY bursts in dripping

LANE: Lucy, what happened to you?

LUCY: I fell into the river and this disgusting little man thought he had the right to touch me so he dragged me out of the river and-

LANE: Where is he?

LUCY: I know right, you should hunt him down. He must have been out of his mind!

LANE: No Lucy, you need to thank the person that saved your life.

LUCY upset: But, dad he was stinky.

LANE: There will be no argument go and find him.

Scene IV

LUCY is trudging through the woods in search of KAL

LUCY angrily: Why does father have to be so generous? Why does he not realise that that little… frog has no place talking to me? Enter KAL

KAL sees LUCY: Good morrow fairestiden.

LUCY disgusted: Hey. reluctantly Thanks for saving my life yesterday.

KAL: For woman of your grace and beauty, it would be a disservice not to do anything.

LUCY forcing it out: Wanna come over for lunch?

KAL overjoyed: I would be delighted to.

Scene V

LUCY’s house. LUCY and KAL enter

LUCY: Dad, I’m home.

Enter LANE

LANE: Welcome home Lucy, I see you brought home a friend.

LUCY: Don’t.

KAL to himself: Her name is Lucy!

LANE: What’s his name?

LUCY flustered: Well- I, um…

LANE disappointed: You don’t know his name would you look at that to KAL What’s your name, son?

KAL: My name, good sir, is Kal.

LANE shaking his hand: Nice to meet ya kid, I’m Lane.

They sit down and begin to eat

LANE: So Lucy, what’s up?

LUCY: I’m good. Everyone keeps talking about the prince and I think he would be pretty hot.

LANE appalled: Lucy!

LUCY shrugs: I’m just sayin’. If he asked me out, I’d say yes.

KAL to himself: A perfect opportunity to make her mine. To LUCY I am deeply touched by your generosity by letting me eat in your home. I would like to return the favor by asking you to meet me for dinner in my own abode tonight.

LANE: That’d be great. Where do you live?

KAL evasively Meet me at the palace at dusk.

Exit KAL. LUCY and LANE look at each other confused.

Scene VI

In the palace, KAL is searching for his SERVANT.

KAL: Servant!

SERVANT: Milord? I thought you were no longer a member of the royal family.

KAL: Make haste, do not waste any time. I have found the one who must be mine. With me she shall dine or mine eyes shall weep such brine. Prepare a dinner fit for a queen, for as I see that she shall become for me.

SERVANT: Yes milord. If it be a lady, sir, thou must go clean thyself for thy body smells like that of an amphibian.


Scene VII

LANE and LUCY stand in front of the palace waiting for KAL. KAL comes out

KAL: Welcome.

LUCY nervous: Do you live here?

KAL: Alas I do but I must admit, before you I liked here not one bit.

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