Only a Few Years So Far

Writing is one of my biggest passions. It is how I express what is in my head, what I am feeling, and what I believe in. I never originally had much of a passion for writing until I starting my novel; it has now become one of my greatest strengths as well as an output for what is inside. 


Another passion of mine is film directing. I do not have the extensive set shown in the picture or anywhere near a budget so large, but it is a way to visualize my writing—I am a visual person, so being able to see what I have written is something that greatly inspires me. My career plan is to become a film director, so I love to practice for that day.


I love to play the guitar; it is the only instrument I know how to play, and so I devote all of my musical attention to it. Whether it is electric or acoustic, it does not matter; I love both, and use one or the other depending on what mood I am in. If I hear a song on the radio that I like the sound of, I will look it up to see if I can play it.


Cooking is one of my passions. I love to try new recipes to see how they will turn out—whether good or bad. My dad likes to have me make dinner for the family every night, and I gladly—if not slightly bitterly—oblige, trying different things every time. I like to say that I can make anything as long as you give me the recipe for it, though in regards to baking, that is not entirely true.


Spain is a country that I have always wanted to visit, mostly because I am half Spanish on my mother’s side. The history is fascinating and the people are wonderful, and I have been told many times about how much family I have there—my grandfather had many brothers and sisters, all of whom married and had children. Most of my writing is based in both Spain and Italy, as those countries are part of my identity and ancestry.


Italy is another place that I would love to visit, also due to my being from there ancestrally. The art, architecture, and history of the country is just as fascinating as Spain, and I draw often from these aspects in my work. I also read somewhere that my family could possibly be descended from Venetian nobility, which is interesting, though whether that is true I not, I can not say definitively.


I love art. I can not paint or draw incredibly well, though I have a deep respect and admiration for those who can. Paintings often become inspiration for my writing, as well as story elements and motifs. The idea of creatively constructing an image—translating it from your mind to a physical thing—is fascinating to me, and I will always take time to look at a piece of art to wonder what the artist was trying to portray, and what I can draw from it personally.


Books are for reading, and I love to read. Not as much as I should, perhaps, but I always love finding a well-written novel. As a reader, I am quite selective about what I use my time on, which is why I do not read very often; a book needs to inspire and capture my imagination for me to really feel a connection to it. Classic stories are often the pieces that can do that, and I would always prefer to read something that will develop my vocabulary and my mind instead of something that will not.


History is one of, if not my biggest, inspiration for everything—particularly European history, as my family is from there. Almost all of my writing, film, and poetry draws from history and various historical time periods, even the pieces that seem like they do not will have something hidden somewhere. I believe that history is a great source of knowledge and learning, both creatively and in our real lives. Most people find it boring, yet I always try and delve into it to find some little spark of interest.

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2 thoughts on “Only a Few Years So Far

  1. Dear Tony,

    What a great piece! You have chosen a style of writing that perfectly mirrors the way you speak and I find that nearly impossible to do that in my writing. I could feel as if you were presenting it in my mind!

    A small minor fix, in my opinion, would be to make some descriptions a little longer to add some more details to get a more accurate image of Tony. An example of where to add more would be in your image about your passion of writing you could give a quick explanation of why you chose to write even when it wasn’t your passion. Another easy fix would be to explain the title of your post.

    Overall, your writing still never fails to enlighten me and I really do look forward to getting to read more of your work.


  2. Dear Tony,

    Let me start off by saying how glad I am that you and Zain are in my family group because you both are capable of so much. When I first heard about your novel and when I first met you, I knew you were already ahead of the game – something about you was different. I know we are going to have a powerful group dynamic just by looking at us. Now to get to the actual post.

    It was great to see how you focused on all the aspects which make up your creative side, like writing for example. When you mentioned how writing is ‘an output for what is inside’, I really felt that. Writing is great for so many reasons and being able to release all your emotions – sadness, jealousy, anger, happiness – on to your paper can feel quite refreshing. I love Italy as well, and it was great to know a bit more about your heritage because in the end, it makes up a part of who we are.

    For recommendations, I would say that although I liked how your images were literal and direct, to perhaps add more about who you are symbolically. For example, if you were to take images and find some metaphorical meaning in it, that would add a lot more insight into who you are.

    Overall, I once again am so excited to work with you, in both pain and pleasure, throughout this next semester. It’s been a great journey so far, and I’d like to see where this year takes us.

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