*I will not be including any of the pictures of my family and friends for their privacy*



Hey I’m Tina and welcome to my MEchakucha … hilarious, I know.


Today I will be sharing the things and people that are important to me and that define me the best.


Well it all began when my mom met my dad, they fell in love, decided to get married, had my brother, and immigrated to Canada twelve years later. My family were the first to ever immigrate so far away from Ukraine and I am genuinely grateful that they did. 


So my parents had me. My mom was eight months pregnant when they came here, which now that I think about it, it isn’t that safe? But I am essentially a contrebande because I was brought here “illegally” (FBI open up) but the government can’t do anything about it anymore so sucks to be them.


Hopefully you can’t tell, but I was a rowdy child growing up. My best friend would stay over sometimes when we were babies and I would let myself and her out of our cribs to run around at one in the morning. And my mom had to tie my wrist to hers when we would go out in public so I wouldn’t run away, but I like to think that I’ve matured.


Some important people in my life are my family from Ukraine. I have the biggest, most amazing family I could ever ask for and I miss them everyday. I am so grateful that even though we see each other once every few years, we still have the closest bond imaginable. They have been there for me even if it wasn’t in person.


Now for the family I chose. I am so thankful for the people that have decided that they want to be my friend and have stayed with me for however long. My friends were there for me when, truly, no one else was. Thank you.


So this is a piano, and I have been playing it ever since I was five. Piano surprisingly really shaped me as a person and my piano instructor is the best lady I know. She watched me go through all of the prolonged awkward stages. I unfortunately won’t be going to lessons this year, and it is honestly one of the bitterest feelings.


Two hobbies that I absolutely love are writing and singing, both of which I do not excel at, but both of them provide me with comfort and happiness. I have found a new voice in writing that I didn’t even know I had and that I freak out my friends and family with. Especially my mom. She almost sent me to therapy.


But someone who is so important to me is my brother. He has always been a safety blanket for me and someone I know I could always rely on. Some know, but he has been the cause of most of my bizarre stories and the cause of many of my stitches. He is someone that I never want to be like but I wouldn’t change him one bit.


Speaking of my brother, he brought these things into my life, along with 50 parrots, 30 hamsters, and a goat. But my cat hates my dog, my dog gave birth a few years ago and that experience made me realize how much I don’t want kids.


But to wrap it up, I’ve been through a lot for my short life. From being pushed off a cliff to ouija boards, I’ve done it all. I am so thankful that each story had a safe ending and that each experience provided me with new wisdom and stories to tell my friends. I wouldn’t take back anything.

Thank you.


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8 thoughts on “PechaKucha

  1. Dear Christina,

    Within each statement I read, I absolutely loved the undertone of humor peeking through! As I made my way into the depths of your blog, I was excited to learn new things about you and how they influence who you are today. I deeply enjoyed reading your blog post especially with the comedy that kept me laughing throughout the piece. There are simply too many golden nuggets in your writing that I simply can’t pick out the best part!
    The one thing that I would recommend working on, is to provide a bit more explanation to your statements. As you explain more to your audience, they will be able to find a deeper connection to you and your writing.

    I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts! Keep up the awesome work!


    1. Juleanna,
      Thank you for reading this blog. I am so glad that you were able to see my humour since I believe that everything needs a bit of funny in it. I had trouble writing in detail for this blog for some reason and definitely agree with you, thank you for the feedback.

  2. Dear Christina,

    I thought it was absolutely wholesome how you started off with expressing how grateful you are for the people that surround you. It already shows the type of person you are: sweet and caring. The humour that is presented through out the whole blog really accented who you really are as well. In my opinion, starting of the piece with a pun was incredibly clever too.

    As for any suggestions, honestly, the only thing I could think of was maybe you can include a metaphorical statement. Perhaps use some figurative language to communicate your ideas and feelings in an illustrative and creative manner. Overall, I really did enjoy this blog and I look forward to more in the near future:)

    When you said you have been playing piano for some years and how it shaped you, it made me feel a certain way. This is because I had also been playing the piano for several years now, but recently, I had to stop lessons as well, forcing me to move on from a part of my life that helped me develop to who I am today. This is why I really acknowledged that part of your blog.
    I am also quite grateful that I am fortunate enough to have made you one of my really good friends. Thank you for sharing this entertaining piece.


    1. Naomi,
      Thank you for reading this and spoiling me with these compliments, it means a lot. I will definitely include more figurative language in the future.
      Thank you .

  3. Dear Christina,

    Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to see you present your pechkucha, I could hear your voice loud and clear while reading your piece. As soon as I read the ‘MEchakucha’ joke, I knew you would be incorporating some humour and you did not disappoint! I had an ever present inkling of a smile the entire time I was reading about you and I highly appreciate how you are able to find humour in all situations in life, and even before you were born.
    Now for the part we all dread. Suggestions and improvements. I couldn’t find very much in your post that could be improved upon, but I do have two minor points. My first point, I do agree with Juleanna that it would be beneficial to include some more information on the points that you talked about. I was left wanting for more in some parts of your piece, especially when you talked about your mother almost sending you to therapy. TELL ME MORE!!! My other point is that I would have really appreciated some pictures from your lifetime, and I completely understand that you wish to respect your family and friends’ privacy, but even a baby picture of you alone would have me sold on your piece.
    I loved reading your piece as it helped me get to know you better!
    Waiting for more pieces from you!

    Impatient but loving,

    1. Saumyaa,
      Thank you for reading this, it truly means a lot. I will definitely include more in the future but I just felt like the time limit really strapped me down a bit. Thank you for your suggestions.

  4. Dear Christina,
    I really enjoyed reading your pechakucha. I loved all of the little jokes and stories that you put in because I feel like that a good testament to who you are as a person and it keeps your pechakucha interesting. I also appreciate how you didn’t share the pictures of your friends and family for their privacy. In my mind, it just amazes me how you thought about others before you put it on your blog. In addition to that, I also really love the new pictures that you put in. They really add to the joyful, cheery theme you had going and it made me smile. The pictures fit with the words and the words were just so clear and easy to understand. I loved how you just made this pechakucha to fit your personality and it really works in your favour. In terms of suggestions and improvements, I would just say that I need more from your stories. You give us this little insight to your life and I need moreeee. Like when you got tied to your mom or how you were a wild child. You pechakucha hooked me to the point where some slides felt like cliffhangers and I just wanted to know everything. I totally get how you probably can’t fit that in 20 seconds but that’s pretty much the extent of my suggestions. One other thing might just be to also explain what everything means to you, like why you picked some of the topics that you did. Other than that, I loved it!
    Love you,

    1. Franny,
      Thank you for the compliments, they really means a lot. I will definitely look into adding more detail with everything I do and I appreciate your suggestions.
      Thank you

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