Feel free to Divulge into the life of Ethan Drysdale

  • Greetings fellow students of ambition taking on this course of AP english. Please enjoy the gallery I have amalgamated featuring the key principles that have shaped who I am as an individual. Take pleasure in the excursion of my identity. Do not touch the artifacts. Please no flash photography. No eating or drinking anywhere in this gallery. Pets are not permitted.



  • Curling to me is more than simply a lifestyle. It is a passion. To me curling is where I can pour out everything I have, striving for success, bounding towards the elites, a dream to overcome. Thrills of perfectly making my shot, the adrenaline rush sweeping rocks, I am consumed with zeal in all aspects of the game. Eight years have I devoted to this game, amounting to half of my life. When I look across the horizon and see my future, all one can see is a misty wall but there is a bright light that I am certain of. I know that I always will have my faith in Jesus and curling will be my accomplice, guiding me through my uncertainty.
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As a person with creative inability I resort to the kitchen for my artistic talent. My creativity is diverse as I take pleasure in attempting recipes I concocted without any notion for its success. I have indulged in berry marinated chicken. pizza stuffed chicken and even my soup and jambalaya. Though I have achieved a recognition for my excellent cheesecakes, muffins and fettucini alfredo. Spices are my temptation as  my weakness is experimenting new flavours and intensifying the spice factor, much to my mother’s dismay.

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Athletics are my go to event whenever friends come calling to hang out. Inspired by my father I am inclined to participate in multiple extracurricular sports such as cross country running, track and field, curling and enjoy games of  tennis to pass the summer by. Gym class claims a special piece of my heart as it is a time to get the heart pumping and get to know and connect with people Everything I can muster is laid out in athletics as my drive in competition is larger than I care to admit.

Gardening for me is satisfying to me, pleasing simply to pass time by, savouring the scenery. I adore my homegrown plants I care for from seed, catering to them daily, ensuring they grow to meet my demands. I am fascinated by the idea of harvesting vegetables and fruit from my own garden, that fresh taste of a recently plucked berry incomparable to that from the store. Much love I have for the concept of ascertaining all the produce I could ever need from the garden, saving funds and hasslesome trips to the market.


The faith I have in Jesus is my rock when my life hits turbulence. He is there protecting me, comforting me and guiding me through the struggle which I cannot overcome alone. He is my hope when all I see is fog. Through my faith I am a man influenced and changed by it. I seek to love all people I will encounter, especially those that seek to sully my name. Actively I strive for opportunities to assist others in a place of struggle or provide mercy to those having violated my trust. I believe in forgiveness, because of the forgiveness I have received myself from God. All my life I have gone to Church and the rest of it awaits to see where God will take me.



Keys to me represent responsibility as it symbolizes freedom and trust by one’s parents. This is a value of mine to attain trust from people  Cross, Sky, Clouds, Sunset, Dusk, Evening, Beautifulin my life and to avoid violating this trust. In situations I deem irresponsible I shy away, excusing myself, preventing repercussions from an event where I would have exploited those who put faith in me. Guilt claws at me to keep myself accountable, a constant reminder to my morals to maintain a positive reputation.


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Within my thought process negative thoughts are shot down like enemy aircraft. My outlook is biased through an optimistic lens purposely chosen for my own sanity. Developing a morose attitude delivers further disappointment and limits the places I can go. I strive to be positive despite the factors against me with the knowledge that the drought will succumb to the eventual rain. People in a melancholy irritate me, urging me to relieve them from their imprisonment. To be in a downcast mood is a tomb halting all progress in life. It is like running a hurdle race without jumping. To be positive is to run that race and trip over every hurdle, faceplant, but rise again, ready to accept the challenge ahead of one.


As an early riser I embrace the placid silence of the dawn, prerequisite to the noises of the day. There is a solace found being alone as I have the opportunity to recline in peace and reflect upon my day, read and make goals for myself. Such a refreshing time that I can prepare myself for the day. There is much inspiration found in viewing the dazzling sunrises, witnessing the choir of birds outside and the charm of its serenity. A morning neglected of rising early leaves me rushed and odd at mind as I have missed my daily routine which has effectively ingrained itself into my life permanently.

There is a passion burning in me for everything I purposely have chosen to do. I discourage using my time for topics that I deem of no value to me. The pursuit of what I own a passion for is what fills up my time. The passions I pursue are partnered with a frenzied zeal. I am captivated by them, consuming my time with a desire to achieve greatness in them or hone my relationship with them. Namely they are curling and other athletics and my faith.

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If one has experienced my presence in a class they will be aware of my excessive urge to answer a question form the teacher. There are times such as in outdoor education where I was consistently raising my hand, almost as if I was delegated by my class to answer all questions. People seem to fear speaking aloud or find it awkward but I relish in voicing my ideas. Sometimes I wonder if it is a competitive urge, to prove I am smarter than others by knowing the answer and boast about it, flaunting my intelligence. if it is then I want to work on my humility to break this trend. Another explanation may be that I am engaged in that topic and I want to enrich my knowledge by confirming what i think I know of the topic and asking frequent questions to sate my curiosity. Whatever the reason is I unfailingly will with eagerness raise my hand high to say my piece to the class. As well I like to be in control of conversation and get my opinion expressed as much as needed. I crave that as I desire things to be done my way. There is dissatisfaction in having my opinion ignored or unexpressed, I want it to be heard and at least considered.

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5 thoughts on “Feel free to Divulge into the life of Ethan Drysdale

  1. Dear Lord Drysdale,
    Like always, you know what to say. Your writing has always been full and rich (much more than mine(this can also be seen in mark)). I truly enjoyed the way that you spaced you post, breaking it into chunks of text and images. One thing that was great was your introduction. You took a simple, “Hey guys, I hope you like my presentation.” and expanded it to a nice, plump juicy paragraph with hints on non-subtle humor.
    While I like that grouping of this post, I found that I had to be looking a bit to hard for the picture you were referencing. A simple reordering or reorganizing could solve this miniscule issue.
    I know you are baking and by the time you graduate you will have put icing on the cake.
    Sincerely, bUbU.

  2. Dear Ethan,
    The sophisticated style of your PechaKucha makes me want to lift my pinkie while drinking tea at this very moment. You gracefully incorporate vivid metaphors and subtle humor within your formal storytelling, while still staying true to the very essence of you. I connected immediately to the importance of religion in your life, as I also being a person of faith, understand the peace that relying on a higher power brings. You, Ethan, are a very wholesome person, and the different angles you characterize yourself within your writing is just more proof of the matter. From intense curling to patiently tending a garden, you painted a self-portrait as beautiful as the sunrises you like to admire every morning.

    The line that moved me, however, was, “Guilt claws at me to keep myself accountable, a constant reminder to my morals to maintain a positive reputation.” I appreciate the clever word choice and the idea of using negative emotion to achieve positivity. It is our fears that keep us in line, rather than our bravado, a belief you articulated with astounding diction.

    For improvement, I found that some of your sentences were fragmented, which made a few parts sound choppy. I would recommend that you balance the short sentences evenly across a paragraph, and make them as purposeful as the associated ideas. Also, try reading out your sentences, and if they do not sound “finished”, then you most likely need to restructure it.

    Regardless, it was a pleasure to read about you and I am looking forward to reading more of your work in the near future.

  3. Dear Lord Drysdale,
    Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes….yes. Your tone in this blog post is everything, as it creates this incredibly distinguished and sophisticated character that I think fits you so perfectly. I feel like I’m talking to a knight or something, and let me tell you, it feels amazing. I literally feel like should be calling you sir. Sir, your work taught me a lot about you and yours beliefs, as prior to this, I knew things about you, but I never knew the extent to which you incorporated them into your life, and I must say, I have never met anyone quite like you. You were able to express your inner thoughts through numerous metaphors, all of which you had sculpted so perfectly to describe what you were trying to say. It created an atmosphere in which I was able to somehow recreate your feelings inside of me which is currently blowing my mind.

    However, I do need to address some issues in your writing. I have to agree with Nazeefa when it comes to your sentence structure, as some of your sentences felt unfinished, as if someone had deleted the second half of them. Along with that, you do have some grammatical issues within your piece, which I think would help to straighten out and clean up your sentences. I was impressed by the semicolon you used though: it was oddly refreshing.

    Overall, I think you did a wonderful job on your first blog, and I’m excited to hear more from the local knight in the future. Farewell, good sir.
    Sincerely, Simran

  4. Hey Ethan,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I love how effortlessly you utilize your expanded vocabulary while still keeping it personal and inviting to read. I felt you perfectly balanced your professional writing style with a more personal side of your writing that allowed me as the reader to feel very comfortable while reading your piece. After reading your blog I definitely feel as though I have learned more about you and what you value as a person. I felt as though you were really good at infusing meaning and explanation into sentences making your paragraphs brief and concise.

    Personally, I feel as though you could have formatted your blog in another way so that the pictures lined up with the explanation better because I found myself confused at times because I couldn’t find the picture you were referring to.

    I feel as though your blog really let me gain some insight into your life and helped me understand you more.


  5. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I am taking the feedback to heart and will definitely reference these ideas for all aspects of writing I will undertake across this semester and into next year. I agree I have always had a flare for creativity in sentence structure that has always left it choppy and disjointed. I am not the best person at being accountable for reading my work over, I publish it nearly immediately after it has been accomplished. My goal is to catch my errors next time to avoid silly mistakes.
    Thank you all.

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