memories and magic (final thoughts)

Below is the letter I wrote for Ms. Hunnisett when I was in Grade 9, creating a portfolio for Grade 10 AP ELA. Throughout my entire life, I knew I was going to go into the sciences and do research(crazy, right?!), despite how much of an avid reader I was and am, but up until one fateful day when I entered Hunni’s class as an awkward Grade 9: the Pandora’s box of my heart opened. AP English was/is the most beautiful place in the entire world. Immediately, I began working on my portfolio in order to get into AP English. I started writing more, reading more, thinking more – I was so desperate to get in because I knew that if I weren’t then I would fall into a state of melancholy.

When I was thinking of my final thoughts, I brainstormed on what I wanted to bring to the table – I wanted it to be smart and heartfelt, something that screams my name. And as I began to ponder and mourn the end of the best class I’ve ever had, I remembered the beginning. I remembered Grade 9 Liza and I wanted to share with you all, how unbelievably dorky I was and how much this class means to me.

P.S. : The bold is me writing in the present 🙂

P.S.S : This is also 100% authentic! I really wrote this in grade 9, haha – no edits!

Dear Mrs. Hunnisett,

She writes.

The question is not why I should be in AP English or why I want it.

She is in Grade 9.

The question is why I NEED AP English.

She is me.

The fact is, throughout my life I have always been fascinated with magic. Not the “abracadabra” magic but the magic of literature. How it plants a seed in your head without you blinking an eye. Or how it wondrously disappears out of the mind of authors and appears onto paper.

I  read her words now and smile; she is so adorable.

When I stepped into your room that Friday morning for the sample class I could feel the allure thumping through the walls, pounding through the floors, and whispering in the air. It tickled every cavity in my body. This magic is harnessed in your very room. Don’t be alarmed. This magic is used only in prestige; when placed in the right minds… I must acquire that magic in my life.  

I wanted nothing more than be in a place where I felt wanted. Where I felt smart and accepted. Where I felt vulnerable enough to be my awkward, bubbly self. How I wish I could hold this Liza and whisper in her hair, “ You are going to be brilliant.”

I have searched every corner of every school for this magic.

My dear Liza, you have found it.

Stephen King once said,”Books are a uniquely portable magic.”Finally, I have endowed upon this magic of literature. The issue is that this enchantment is immensely potent. With the proficiency of your skill and the brainpower of my peers, I plan to master the spell to develop a mind that can produce breathtaking writing and investigate it as well.

God, I tried so hard to impress you guys. I was so determined to be a part of something great without realizing this class would become my life.

Though the experience was captivating, the most vital thing that powered the atmosphere was the honest intellect.  In this society, that intellect is exceptionally rare. I dream that in the future I will be able to apply all the tools that are presented in AP English to my existence and even my career.

If only I knew how much this class would mean to me, how much I would learn, how much I would fail, and how much I would excel. How much I would grow.

Now I understand that there is extensive work to complete to be successful in this class. Many students are indignant towards this work that follows any advanced placement course. I vow that this additional work will not faze me and I will take any task as a way to increase my knowledge and challenge myself.

It definitely fazed me, haha. Nonetheless, with every blog post I wrote and published, I felt the mere flower bud of my existence begin to blossom as I shed petals – revealing my soul to my admired peers.

Anyway, writing and reading is not “work”, it is the true enchantments of the world. I believe with my diligent attitude, determination, resilient perspective, and passion for reading and writing; I will be able to work with the best of the best.

And I have. Thank you all. Especially, you, Ms. Hunnisett. You are the reason I started this journey and all I’ve ever wanted to do is honour you and make you proud. You have never given up on me and my heart weeps knowing tomorrow will be the last day of a journey I never expected to end. And I assure you all, on the other side of this door is a world deserving of intellects, readers, and writers. Grade 9 Liza knew from the start – this magical class is worth hunting for.

Your thrilled writer,

Thank you for everything. 

Liza Makarova

Till we meet again. 


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  1. I’m humbled and honoured by this final love letter that goes full circle with the first time I fell in love with my gawky, gorgeous Liza via her letter in Grade 9.

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