Her Soul is Wind, Fire, Earth and Air


January 2017


Back then she was grounded,

mind stable and firm.


Grounded by their amity,

their affection and attention.

She hadn’t experienced life without them,

nor could remember life without them


because They had become her life.


And while that love grounded her,

it also tied her to the past.


She failed to see what would change,

how it would change,

and who it would change.


She failed to see the Earth beneath her feet

crack, bend and crumble

ss it molded a new path with her tears


for both her,


and them.


February 2017


Then as the Earth turned, she spun with it.

Her mind, stable and firm, circled round



until she forgot, or rather merely hid the pain,

Only to be left to resurface with the Water.

March 2017


Nothing like the stable ground

which had molded her path,

and supported the weight of the world

to lessen the burden,


She was a mess both inside and out.


Her skin, her clothes, her mind,

were a constant reminder of the chaos within her

shackling her at the wrists.


She was the girl who held on when she needed to let go,

forgot when she wanted to remember,

and who loved when they deserved hate.


No longer reliable to even herself,

she didn’t have faith in the ground

to carry her burdens no more.


Taking the key of her heart

to place at the lock of her shackles,


she let go of the Earth,


and turned to Fire.


April 2017


When passion had consumed her

His eyes met hers.

The fire she had unlocked

burned her mind

to a pile of ash and senseless thoughts.

She took the void in her heart

to fill it with Him,

and this time shackled her own wrists

with the burden of silent love.


May 2017


The Fire in which began to burn

was now at the mercy of the Earth.


Her life in which They were

was now not only consumed by Him,

but owned.


However, the Earth keeps the Fire burning steady.

she had let go of the Earth long ago.


As it’s hard to remember a love that was never there,

the love for Him was forgotten.


The flame in which gave her warmth,


and fire within her soul,


began to simmer.


June 2017

As the Fire began to cease its flame,

she was introduced to Them.

It’s a love funny to some,

yet a love experienced by others alike,

and a love which made her smile nevertheless.

She is not in love, but rather loves as one does

when hearts connect,

even when they are what seems to be worlds away.

They had caressed the shackles she placed upon herself

to remind her of the love she deserved,

to remember her dreams and take ahold of them.

At the thought of Them she was happy,

and her joy spread to the skies.

The wind now blew a new warmth,

One heeded without a flame.


July 2017

She found herself one day,

in the dark of the night,

laying on the road surrounded by trees

and eyes turned turned to the sky.


‘Isn’t this wonderful,’ Her voice rang out beside her,

‘just living your life a little bit more?’


She thought of the original hesitance to go out,

of her fear of the abyss of the forest behind her,

as the winds rustled the trees in a soft lullaby.


With eyes twinkling like the stars in the night sky

and a smile warming her cheeks,

she answered.




August 2017

Worlds away from her own,

she experienced unfamiliar winds

blowing serenity through her hair.

She met the adoring gazes of many

whom she’d never cross paths again.

She drank in the sights of architecture,

of her culture and of the sun on her skin.

Her senses,

heightened by living a life so different from her own,

reached its climax.

She felt alive.


September 2017

As she felt alive,

She felt anew.


She was walking on air.


Her soul, light as the winds,

smile, weightless and true,

back in her life,

suddenly They were.


But there is always a price to pay

for a period of flying,

And happiness’ time was up.


She felt it whispering in the winds,

which no longer gave her flight.


Once tied to the ground once more,

They left her as They did before.


And so,


the season of tears had began.



October 2017


The river ran quietly,

but only in the beginning.

Visions of Water cleansed her soul,

directing soft chills down her spine,

comforting her wavering heart

before the pain would hit most.

This was the month of peace.

The quiet before the storm.


November 2017

Waves of love crashed on her,

when her eyes met Him again.


Along with these waves,

came the tears of sorrow

she could see flowing back down,

from the horizon.


If it will drown her,

she’s not quite sure yet.


December 2017

It’s easier to swim down further,

when you feel you’re already deep enough.

Nothing compares to the pain,

of seeing someone who deserved happiness,

feel it was impossible to achieve.

Nothing compares to thinking,

‘I could have done more.’

He wanted those he loved to notice,

to be held and told he worked hard,

wanted to live for himself for once,

and finally be able to regain his breath back.

In December, he found that peace,

only far away from this world.

She drowned in her tears that morning,

That evening,

That week.

Along with the world, she mourned.

Along with the world, she cried.

She wasn’t alone, drowning in her river,

But he was.

Next time, she’ll do better.

She won’t let anyone be alone.


The river continues to run,

but only under the surface.

It is a part of her now,

embedding itself into her Earth,

submerging her Fire,

and pushing out the Air she needs to breathe.

But don’t worry, she’s okay.

She is just stuck in Water,

and one day will find a way back out,

to Earth,

to Fire,

to Air.

It’s the cycle of her soul.


Information Used: The Four Elements

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