Poetry Seminar


Dear Present Self,


You are finally realizing that in life you truly don’t have friends. I hope you protected your heart to the best of your abilities. Darkness from jealous people will always be around you young or old and I am happy you have realized this. I hope by now you have realized the difference between negative and positive people.


I hope you have overcome your hardships in life. You often felt like there was nowhere else to go in life, but as I can understand you have been finding the solutions for most of your problems.


In the past you were strong emotionally and physically, there was just something that no one could break and that was your heart.

I hope you still have strength, because not only did it help you, your strength helped your friends and family.

I remember when you didn’t always make the right decisions, but you always found a way out of your bad decisions which are something I wish I could do.


You were never the type to cry, you always wanted to remain tough in the eyes of others.


You liked moving so much you felt like you were leaving behind tears and sad memories.


You always disliked people who had surrounded themselves with people of no value.


You were very outspoken and your personality was strong. No one would never try to disappoint you.


You always said there were no excuses in life as you were the only one in charge of your life. When something doesn’t go as planned, don’t give up just re-evaluate your situation.


You listened to people stories and gave them advice, but now that I think about it, you should have been taking the advice for yourself.

You always made mistakes but that will surely help you in the future to make better choices.

You slowly learned to only be yourself, because being someone else is too dangerous.

I remember when you always had a positive outlook on life. I would hope that you still have all these good traits, because it would be a shame if you lost them.

In the past you always taught people about self-appreciation, I trust you are exhibiting the same yourself.

Keep the good traits in yourself, and learn to let go of the bad ones.


With love,

Your past self

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