When We Meet Again


Explain to me why

Why do you feel the need?

To look into my eyes

And tell me I’m not worthy

Though you didn’t use words

Your facial expressions said everything.

I don’t even know if you held me

My eyes cannot remember the time they saw your face

So the next time

You think about me don’t remember my name.

See I can’t stand you.

When I opened my eyes, I probably woke up to see the most amazing person that has ever lived

It was her and not you

Where were you?

Probably too busy I guess.

When my brain began to connect ideas together

You were probably connecting with other people

When it should have been me

But I see.

I see that you never cared

You bought me presents like that could sustain me.

What, so now you’re getting soft?

Do u finally see?

I often wondered if u were blind

Because clearly you couldn’t see me.

I was filled with beauty they said

They said I didn’t want to leave her womb it was probably because I was waiting for u

You had one big head but no brain to fill it

They said I got a lot of things from you

That’s hard to believe because I’m not cruel like you

You bought me dresses

You called me your princess

That’s too bad I didn’t have a prince

You were supposed to show me what I had to look for.

My eyes couldn’t open

I guess because I didn’t want to see you

I didn’t want to have a picture in my brain with no personality to fit it

I would have been scared

Too scared to tell u that I couldn’t stand you

I waited

And waited

And waited

You never showed

I had to blow out my candles

The same way I blew away visions of you

You did nothing for me

Nor do I ever want you to

I am sick and tired about thinking of you

I want to say goodbye

But I have to see you

I have to take

One good look at you

Until I can’t look any more

Until you feel uncomfortable

Until you know what it’s like to be looked at and wondered about.

The things you have done

Is unspeakable of

I have no memories

You showed up once in a while

I guess when you felt like it

So I’ll show you

I feel nothing when I look at you

Except bitter hatred.

I can’t stand you.

I ask of you

The fact that I don’t know what you look like

Doesn’t that say something?

Open your eyes for once

You are truly the man in disguise


You live in the mask

Of hidden truths

Of stupidity

I can’t stand you.


My Dad.

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2 thoughts on “When We Meet Again

  1. Dearest Amika,

    I am kind of at a loss for words right now and I don’t really know what to tell you because I have tears in my eyes and I feel kind of choked. Truth be spoken, I really related to your piece in my own way- and that is the beauty of honest art.

    You know when I first just scrolled through your piece I was looking for the explanation (the paragraph explaining the poem) but when I actually went to read the poem, I realized that the explanation wasn’t needed. The pathos in your writing defines it all. Quite honestly this was my favourite student-written poem I’ve seen on the blog till date.

    What hit me the most was how you increased the gap in physical space between the line “I can’t stand you.” and “My Dad.” It felt like being punched in the gut and that is an amazing trademark to have as a poet and an author. You evoke emotion and that is simply a talent.

    I had a quick question for you, I was slightly confused between the switches between you and u- was it a distinction between vulnerability and strength or something else? How did you intend for it to read? My only piece of feedback would be to make that more distinct or to clarify it by placing a footnote and the bottom of your page.

    Thank you for sharing your beauty with all of us through this blog and the entire semester. I hope you continue to be inspired and inspire those are you.


  2. Dear Amika!

    This is my first time experiencing your writing, and I have to say, I am enjoying every last bit of it.
    These lines ooooooooh:

    “I often wondered if u were blind

    Because clearly you couldn’t see me.”

    “You called me your princess

    That’s too bad I didn’t have a prince”

    And that last line: “My Dad” had me shook.

    I LOVE the contrasting sentences you used, those simple sentences and subtle sass evoke so much emotion out of your reader, and it is beautifully crafted.

    The only things I would suggest for correction are gumps; there were a couple of areas that required commas (or perhaps that was part of the style and structure of the piece ?)

    Thank you for this amazing piece of writing and although the semester is coming to a close ( 🙁 ), I hope to continue to see you grow as a writer.
    This was amazing!!!!

    With Love,

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