The work of a Poem

When the project of a poetry seminar was presented to me, I had no idea what to do. I was never a person who enjoyed much poetry although I tried. I remember Enameka calling me over to Tarannum’s computer to have a glimpse on the poem they all think I would love and they are prepared to delve into. I did a quick scan over the poem and just said yes just so I could get back to my work. Sitting down later many days later, I was stressed out about life in general and had no idea where to start from. I picked up my laptop and checked edsby only to have my gut tell me to research the poem for our poetry seminar. I sat there reading over this poem over and over again until I came to a conclusion that helped me through those tough times and I believe will continue to.

I am generally someone who was ones very religious for a short period of time. I loved and enjoyed life then and ever since I have strained away from it, I felt something missing in my heart. I have tried and am continuing to strive to become a better person who is closer to Allah (God) but with every one good deed I do, I find myself committing ten sins in it replacement. For Instance praying five times a day is one of the fundamentals of my religion but as a human who is always busy, it’s difficult to set time aside for prayer. Whenever I actually get a chance to pray, one of my go to actions would be to judge some of my close friends for their lack of piety. I am aware of the hypocrisy of my action and as can be guessed, it is a very great sin in my religion. 

The poem Invictus gave me a source of strength to never give up on transforming myself. It is one of the most relatable poems I have ever come across – I don’t generally read poems unless I have to. I find it remarkably amazing that a poem like this can be beneficial to all kinds of adversity in life. I have emulated tis poem in several different ways to help me deal with different situations in life. I believe everyone should be given an opportunity to experience such elevated piece of literary work. 

I take this poem dearly to heart and responded to it through my several emulations. I took it upon myself to read this poem every morning before leaving the house with the knowledge that whatever life throws my way, I have an unconquerable soul that will help me through it.

My Emulation (Religion):

In the fell clutch of circumstance

My soul deviated from the righteous path.

Under the watch of my eyes

Has my heart bled in resistance.


Beyond this place of torment and pain

Looms the horror of my deeds,

And yet the menace of my soul

Finds, and shall find, my heart uninfected.


It matters not how cruel the deed,

How charged with burden my heart,

I am the master of my body:

But I have yet to be the captain of my soul.




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One thought on “The work of a Poem

  1. Dearest Maryam,

    I think that your reaction to a Poetry Seminar is the same as everyone else. When I started to work on the Poetry Seminar I had to do, I was very confused, and I mostly let the grade elevens in my group do most of the work. I think that it’s because it’s something new, and something we haven’t encountered before, that we feel confused and uncomfortable. It is a truth that humans like to be in control of things, and for me as a perfectionist, I don’t like it when I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

    I really liked how you wrote about religion, and because of your presentation of the Igbo culture, I have a newfound appreciation for religion and empathy.
    In terms of things to work on, I think you should fix a few GUMPS, and put the copy of the original poem before your emulation so that people can compare the two.

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