The Diary of Jane Bennet

(This diary has been written two years after the end of Pride and Prejudice)

Dear Diary,

It has been so long since I have written in you, for that I apologize. Oh, look at me, apologizing to a diary, I truly do need to get more rest, don’t I? With the ruckus around the estate it seems I shall never get a good night’s sleep! Living so close to Fitzwilliam and Lizzie always keeps me on my toes; further, mother, father, and Kitty will be coming to visit for a month this evening, so Charles and I are attempting to ensure the house is up to par. Mother is so insistent that Kitty need to be married before the year ends as she is the last sister left unwed. We were all a tad surprised that Mary was wed before Kitty, we all thought she did not have the courage to strike conversation let alone start courting. Alas, she is happy with James, that is the best that we could hope for. I feel so dearly for Kitty though, she still falls in and out of love as the wind blows. That along with the torment from mother must make it difficult for her to cope. Mother honestly can be rather crude at times! Dear, I really shouldn’t think such horrible things about mother; she is doing all she can to ensure that her children will be well off once father passes; what a sad day that shall be. Anyhow, I am a little pleased that Kitty is receiving most of mother’s time and attention as I fear once Kitty is married Elizabeth and I will be receiving many letters and visits discussing our having of children! Oh, how I would love to have children someday, just not quite yet.

Oh and Lydia, dear Lydia, has resorted to asking Charles and I for financial support when Elizabeth refused to support her any further. Charles and I are able to live quite comfortably but the amount Lydia was asking of us was incomprehensible. We do all we can to support her with whatever money we have in surplus, but she is always in need of more. George and her, from time to time, put on a show of sorts and act as if they were a joyous pairing but all of our families know it to be false. George is frequently travelling and Lydia does not wish to do so, her naive infatuation has finally faded. Her reluctance to travel with him forces our hand on occasion as we have to host her at our estate or Fitzwilliam and Lizzie host her at Pemberley. I worry about Lydia frequently, but in reality she did this to herself by running off with a man she barely knew.

I almost forgot about what Lizzie wrote about Charles and me. Mrs. Gardiner and I were having tea not too long ago and she began talking about a letter Elizabeth wrote about her marriage to Darcy where she stated that while she laughed I only smiled! What a spiteful thing to say; further, even though she wrote it two years ago, I am nearly certain she still believes it to be true. Now, I shall not say that Charles and I are happier than Fitzwilliam and she are but I believe it is most certainly to be implied. They are constantly bickering and arguing over insignificant things; moreover, their bickering is beginning to reduce the time that Charles and I can spend together. Whenever they get into an especially painful argument, which is at least once every six months, Charles and I are forced to console them. She laughs and I smile? Preposterous! Neither of us is able to laugh when Fitzwilliam and she do not agree upon something. Luckily, their arguments are short lived (most of the time) so we are all able to return to our lives as usual quite quickly. Consoling and all, Lizzie is still the one I would turn to in a time of need. We complete each other.

Oh my, I cannot believe that it has been two years since Charles and I were wed, as well as Lizzie and Fitzwilliam. He can put an air of arrogance for those who do not know him as much as he wishes but when Fitzwilliam and Lizzie are together they’re simply perfect for each other! The same certainly goes for Charles and I, except we are not nearly as prideful. We are so filled with bliss in the moments that we get to spend together because we are both so agreeable there are rarely any disagreements. Upon reflection, I think we were meant to be together from the start! In fact, it has been ages since our first dance together at the ball in Meryton but every time we dance it is as if we are back there yet again, dancing for the first time. The wonder in our eyes, our hearts beating in sync, truly fantastic. I always wonder how I got so lucky as to end up with someone like Charles, with his conniving sisters against us we really did have to overcome some odds in order to be married now. I have yet to forget what Fitzwilliam did as well, I shall forgive him for it someday. Oh, look at the time! I have been writing for hours and dinner has yet to be prepared, silly me. Alas, I must be going, I hope I pick you up again soon for if I am forced to stay silent about how I feel for this long again I may go mad!

~Jane Bingley

My love, Charles!
Is he not just the most handsome man you have ever seen?


I chose to do a diary of Jane as the idea of women being seen and not heard really struck a cord with me. Jane was the quintessential lady of the time: quiet, charming, agreeable and all things lovely; that being said, I felt that she was forced to hold her tongue in hopes of retaining this persona. Jane, although kind, most certainly had feelings about topics that in that time she would not have been able to share with others – this is where a diary would come in. In a diary she would be able to let out her true feelings and, in turn, when she was in the company of others she would be able to continue being a lady as she was no longer emotionally suppressed. In all honesty who, no matter how kind, could manage to be walked over without an unkind word or two to say about others?


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2 thoughts on “The Diary of Jane Bennet

  1. Ibukun,

    I admire how easily it appears you are able to retain the tone of this era and of Jane Austen’s writing! I’ll admit I haven’t even attempted to write in this tone, as I’m afraid I will… in *nice* terms, butcher it. Yes, very nice… Bravo Ibukun!!

    I have often found myself wondering how the Bennet’s life would be following the events of the novel, and I must say (without a doubt) that I feel what you have written is probable to have happened! The characters, while not physically present, all appeared to retain the feelings they gave in the book. Not one of their actions in your piece I would question. This blog felt almost like a published continuation of Pride and Prejudice!

    I also loved how this was in Jane’s point of view, as you’d expect someone to choose Elizabeth. I loved to hear her side of the story and it was very refreshing to read. Oh! I also loved your reasoning behind choosing Jane, there is so much truth and wisdom behind it.

    I love your writing Ibukun! Keep at it, I want to read more!


    1. Dearest Elissa,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave such kind words, they have brought a smile to my face. In all honesty I was mortified to post this as I thought I, as you stated, “butchered” the tone of the time. Your high praise was very reassuring, thanks again.

      I wish you all the best in the new year and am estatic to see what the future holds for you and your writing.


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