The Fighting Type

I have never been the 

fighting type. 

Until I needed to be. 

Until it became a requirement. 

Until it became necessary for 


I was born

the fighting type. 

With a chord around my neck 

And my legs kicking. 

I had to fight, for if I didn’t I would die. 

I grew up the

fighting type. 

When I was born a girl. XX

When boys were a dominant race. XY 

When I had a different pigment. 

When white was more beautiful than 

The brown I was born into. 

When my skin now had a political stamp. 

A statement ensuring my constant need 

To fight in a war I didn’t sign up for. 


I fight because I am afraid. 

If someone can’t say my name right

I have to fight with my ID to conform to 

Their comfort. 

If someone sees a ring on my finger

They assume family is my only ambition 

And children my only purpose. 

When someone sees wrinkles around my eyes

Or lines around my mouth

They do not assume I’ve lived a full and

Happy life. 

They assume I am withered and no 

Longer useful. 

I continue to fight, for if I don’t

I’m afraid I will die. 

I am afraid that if I don’t say no loud enough 

He will not hear me. 

I am afraid that even if I exceed expectations 

I will remain underestimated and overlooked. 

I am afraid that the shape of my body will

Eclipse the beauty of my mind. 

But I continue to fight. 

Because maybe if I fight now

My children won’t have to. 

This is one of my first poems I have ever shared with anyone but I feel with the political and social air that we have been experiencing lately, this conveys how some people (myself included) might be feeling right now. I leave you with one of my favourite quotes: “I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.” ~Emma Watson

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3 thoughts on “The Fighting Type

  1. Dear Harmehar,

    I am truly awed by your poem. Words just simply can’t justify how much I appreciate it.

    Speaking as someone who doesn’t really fancy poems, your poem has given me an opportunity to experience and see for myself the beauty that exists within poems. I commend your bravery for sharing your poem as it is a form of writing that expresses one’s emotion. I have hitherto watched and secretly admired your intelligence in class.

    Some of the ideas portrayed in this poem were easily relatable; showing just how efficient you are with the use of words. I find that the imageries you used especially those relating to science enticed me as an audience adding more to the overall quality of the poem. As of the moment, there is no advice I can think of to help improve your writing. Although I might suggest that you give the poem a different title. There is nothing wrong with the present one as I just think it would be more enticing if the title was sort of mysterious; luring in people’s curiosity.

    All in all, keep up the good work and am looking forward to seeing more of your poems. They are amazing.


  2. Dearest Harmehar,
    I am left in shock at the sublimity of your piece. The voice in this poem transformed as it progressed. It went from a voice that I was in awe of, to one that I could relate to, to becoming one that almost felt like it was speaking my truth. This transformation was what really grabbed my attention but the emotion and beauty behind your words is what compelled me to read further.

    I do not know that I would change much about this poem, but perhaps that is simply my bias toward poetry. One diction change would be in the line where you wrote, “I have to fight with my ID to conform to/ Their comfort. ” Perhaps “ID” could be replaced with a stronger word that invoked more of a response out of the reader.

    Everything considered, this piece was fantastic, and like Maryam I too am in awe of your intelligence. I cannot wait for what to see what the future holds for you, for now I will settle for more wonderful pieces.

    Warmest Regards,

  3. Dear Harmehar,

    I love your poem! I enjoyed how most of the ideas in the poem are totally relatable and how every line gives a detailed description of how you felt.

    I don’t have any advice on what you can improve on. Just keep up the great work!


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