The Blessings Only A Mother Can Provide

(*Just a note, my father has also been a large role in my life and is equal to my mother in terms of positive influence on my life. I just wanted to write about my mother’s endeavors to prove that, females are no less than males*)

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In the past, males were thought of as greater than females. They were seen as stronger, smarter, more decisive, and all in all, the better gender. Based on my life experiences, I see this as false. In my perspective, the gender of a human being does not decide its worth, rather, it is the efforts and determination that arbitrate its value.

Throughout my entire life, my mother is definitely one who has always been by my side, regardless of whether I require assistance or not. There is not a single recollection I have where my mother neglected to aid me, or even to just support me. Somehow, she can always decipher my mood before I so much as say a word, and is consistently prepared for how I may react. It cannot be more clear that she loves me and is devoted to making my present the best it can be, as well as caring about my future. Not getting enough opportunities in her childhood, she is determined to create more than enough for her children.

16 years ago, my family was the first of the Tariq family to set foot on foreign land. Before this, even the thought of leaving Pakistan, our home country, was absurd. Being born in Pakistan, a growing country which had separated from India just 50 years ago, I was thrown into a world where poverty was widespread and there was a large amount of gender inequality. When I was born, however, my father had already left for Canada early on, so he could start his pharmaceutical career and get on his feet before bringing his family. My mother was left alone to care for two infants, and due to the vast amount of gender inequality, she was forced to struggle to both meet her own necessities as well as her children’s. She was determined to raise healthy children, even at the cost of her own welfare. Her sleepless nights were accompanied only by her anxiety of how the next day would turn out. Whether or not her children would be satisfied by the small amount of food she was given to feed them, or if she would be forced to sacrifice portions of her ration to fulfill these infant’s needs. From what I’ve seen, her perseverance and patience remain unmatched, and she is willing to allocate her own requisites for the sake of her children, which I have perceived only recently.

Ever since I was young, I lived life carefree and took every opportunity and advantage given to me for granted. Back then, I didn’t really think of those sacrifices that my mother had to make as anything special. I thought that these duties were something every mother had to go through. Only now, 15 years later, do I realize how grateful I should’ve been, and should still be. Not only had she had to go through her own struggles, she decided to live out mine too. My mother has been, and will always continue to be, a large potion of my life’s dedications. She had looked gender inequality in the eye, and clearly it was due to her patience and determination, but my father has also held a vast position in my life, as far as influencing the part my mother had on it.

Although males were seen as better than females, my dad had never been one to take advantage of his gender, but instead kept the power of genders in balance. He realized early on that this woman would be the caretaker of his children, and that his lack of respect to her would lead to potential harm for his children. Not physical harm, but rather negligence. He allowed my mother to have every freedom she desired, as long as she kept to her religion and taught their children well. My father was both the financial source of the family, as well as another adviser of character. Together, my parents have shaped me as the way I am, and I am in debt to both of them.

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Every step I’ve taken, every decision I’ve made, has been shadowed by my mother’s presence. I really should be thankful for that. Had she not been so persevering, my entire existence would have crumbled at a young age. She was, continues to be, and will always remain, the best mother I could possibly ask for.


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6 thoughts on “The Blessings Only A Mother Can Provide

  1. Dear Muhammad,

    There is so much in this piece that I would not have known about you, or at least as in depth as you have written here, if not for this blog. I truly appreciate that you were able to share this with us, and I loved that you used your mother as the center point of attention – too often we forget to give our mothers the credit and appreciation that they deserve.

    There is a sincerity that you wrote with in this piece that I could really feel. How you perceived your mother’s actions – as unimaginably strong and compassionate – also built on the other aspect you addressed in your post. Gender inequality is an issue that still has a major presence in some parts of the world, but the way in which your mother acted truly exemplified that there is no justification for gender inequality. Likewise, there is no excuse to live up (0r down in a sense) to the expectations of those who believe in the superiority of one gender over another. I feel that since I have grown up with an Indian background, I can relate to this post, though, since I was born in Canada, I have been lucky enough to not experience any major form of gender inequality. Your your story and your mother’s influence has made me realize, yet again, how lucky I am to grow up in a society where there a more balanced, though at times still not quite equal, view of men and women.

    Again, thank you for writing this blog, I will look forward to reading more later!

    Best Regards,


    1. Dear Shyla,

      First off, thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to leave a comment! This piece is one that I really am proud of, mostly because it serves as a form of thanks and recognition to a very special person in my life, a person who guarded my life as an infant; before I was able to even walk. I wholeheartedly agree with you that there are too often times that we forget to give our mothers the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Once again, thank you for taking time out of your busy life to leave a comment! I too look forward to reading your work in the future!



  2. Dear Muhammad,

    You are one of the most clear and concise writers I have ever had the privilege of reading. It is truly amazing. I honestly don’t know how you do it because it is so hard for me to write in such a straightforward manner. Furthermore, your voice was very prominent in your writing…it was sincere and genuine. I could hear your voice while reading it. It was beautiful. Well done.

    In terms of improvement, I would offer basic organization. Maybe make your images a bit smaller, and put them to the side. I feel like putting them at the centre creates a prominent break in the piece as a whole. Also, it’s amazing how easily you were able to open your heart about your mother in the blog…again, it would be very difficult for me to do the same.

    It was a pleasure reading your blog. Clear, effective, concise, and open.


    1. Dear Sania,

      Thank you for your kind words! It is an honor to have a person whom I have venerated, and even look up to, to have left a comment on a piece I’ve done! Especially on a piece like this, where I let my emotion of gratitude take over. It served as a form of thanks to my mother, for being the supportive, loving mother she is. I also agree with you, that I need to organize my work better, so that it doesn’t create a prominent break in my blog. Unfortunately, I am not innately good at organization, or timeliness. My procrastination ends up getting the better of me and I think as though I have more than enough time to edit later. I really have to try to get my work done before, so I have that time to edit my own work. Once again, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It really means a lot to me!



  3. Dear Muhammad,

    I love this! I understand your point of view , I am very close to my mom and she means the world to me. I liked how easy it was to read your blog post, and how genuine you were.
    Keep up the great work!


  4. Dear Amika,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog! Yeah, mothers are really great. Too bad I can’t ever be one….thank goodness fathers are great too (right?). Thank you for your kind words! They really means a lot to me!


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