A Letter to a Racist

Dear Donald John Trump, Sr:

In the face of the ongoing US election, one could imagine that you are elated – smug, even – considering on how many states are swinging towards your favour. But what you cannot even begin to perceive is the absolute terror that multiple individuals face at the wake of, what seems to be, your presidential victory. You must understand that being the president of one of the most powerful countries is a title that holds great severity, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must understand that being the president entails for you, Mr. Donald Trump, to be in the spotlight consistently, the eyes of the world upon your person at all times. While you may preen under the attention, I hope that you realize that you are the face of America, representing the nation. And I, being one to not insult, am slightly concerned about the “mask” that you have placed on America. Do you really wish to show this racist, sexist, bigoted, xenophobic persona that you have displayed during your campaign? Despite the nation being created on the foundations of equality, freedom, and new opportunities for all?

At this, I must laugh. Not only have you managed to surprise the world by gaining as many supporters as you did. You managed to devolve the values of the United States of America. For that, I applaud you, in a sardonic fashion, of course. It’s laughable, really. The way you do not understand the severity of the words that you speak. You, who cultivates racism. You, who seemingly advocates for the assault on women. You, who lacks all reason. You, who thrives with ignorance. You, who lacks true understanding. You, who targets minority groups. You, whose very campaign is supported by radical groups. You, who I am embarrassed of on the behalf of the Americans who did not wish for you to win.

Now, I understand that this issue is far more complex than I perceive it as, but you are a simple man and I will speak to you simply. I hope you realize that through your words, you cultivated racism and allowed it to flourish. Once again, I must laugh and shake my head. You, Mr. Donald, are a privileged, rich individual who I know hasn’t faced adversity like other people have.

Even if you claim this to be some sort of revolution against the previous leaders, I digress. This is not a revolution. This is the beginning of a scarier regime. This is the beginning of overt oppression and infringement on human rights and lives. And you, sir, are at the forefront of the action. You, sir, are the advocator of the malicious harm upon your very own citizens. You, sir, are going to be considered the most hated president of the United States.

I refuse to butter my words, and I refuse to accept what is happening in that nation right now. I warn you to choose your words carefully because the people are not happy with your win, and intend to slander your name ‘til the day you finish your term. Hopefully, you wise up very quickly. Because disaster will fall if you are both who you are and an idiot. And please do not disagree with the fact that people hate you, after all, I keep up with the news and I have seen the riots. I can’t help, but smile.

Have fun with your presidency, Mr. Donald Trump.

With no love or sympathy,

One Canadian Girl

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2 thoughts on “A Letter to a Racist

  1. Bryna,

    Thank you for writing this.

    I completely agree with everything you have said in your piece, and you have found the write words to describe what I have been feeling about this shallow, disgrace of a man winning the presidential election. He is, as you said, and absolute bigot who makes himself feel big by making others feel small.

    I really appreciated your honesty in this piece. You attacked this subject matter without fear for what others would think of you, and you were unashamed in your arguments.

    Also, your sarcasm and sass throughout this whole thing were hilariously savage, for lack of a better word. You had a constant and strong voice throughout this whole this, but not without some level of dignity and respect. I think that that makes this piece special, because you didn’t stoop to his level–you cleverly and thoughtfully stated your opinions in a sassy way, and it really worked.

    In terms of improvement, the only thing I would offer is watch for grammatical errors, and a well-picked visual that would have enhanced this piece even more.


  2. Dear Bryna,

    I apologize as how overdue this is…your blog is really inspiring in its own cynical sort of way. I absolutely adore how you describe Donald Trump. Also by how open you are about your dislikes towards him. I myself do not like Trump either, but I would never be able to openly reveal my inner emotions towards such a man. Ever since I read your blog, I started being more open (for better and for worse) so thank you for that! I expect to be inspired by more pieces of your writing in the future…don’t let me down!

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