For Those Who Have Yet to Hear Her Voice

*This piece is probably the most personal (from a time in my past) out of all I have written and is a change and challenge for me in that sense. Usually I write from a more factually oriented perspective, but I feel comfortable enough in this class to “share my voice.” I also am not in any sense, experienced in writing poetry or anything similar so please write as many criticisms as you feel in the comments if you choose to comment. I have learned that it is fine to be considered quiet as it brings immense value and truth to what little words are said – they are not wasted on unimportant topics or said without a second thought. However, this quietness is often, in my experience, mistaken for passiveness or vulnerability. The quietness of one is not indicative of this – there is a power in silence that I have found, that of observation. “For Those Who Have Yet to Hear Her Voice” is my way of expressing the power of observation and the idea that silence is not, as it is so often perceived, weakness. (Reading this, I now see the irony in attempting to exemplify the power of silence in an English class)


Silence is often interpreted as fragility, the tell – tale sign of a “push – over.” However, those who believe this, the simple minded who regard the silenced as weak and passive, are, indeed, wrong. The quietness of one is not indicative of this weakness, rather the quiet are exposed to a strength, a masked power that is shrouded, humbly hidden, by their silence.

She may be quiet, even silent,

But do not mistake that silence for passiveness,

Do not mistake that silence for weakness,

For it has happened before,

And shall happen no more.


Silence allows for undisturbed, unbiased observations of both the good and the bad. What little words the silenced do speak are based on those observations – an immense truth and thought derived from them as a result. Within this, their true power and strength of their observations is hidden by their exterior – a fatal trait to those who consider themselves the “silencers”.

If you have not heard her,

You, who regard her as a pushover,

You are not yet worthy of it.

It is not that the silenced do not have a voice, nor is it that their voice has been suppressed beyond a point of return – it is that their voice has been neglected, devalued. They are not lost for words, they are not afraid of speaking – they are knowledgeable of the power of their words  and, therefore, do not freely fling them about.  Their words are not to be wasted on those not worthy of recognizing this simple fact.


For when she does speak to you,

It will be the words of her silent observations,

Built up over the years,

Observations of your wrongdoings,

Your seemingly forgotten mishaps,

Her telling of unnerving truths,

That will come back to haunt you

As nothing is as frightening

As the affirmations of your own undoing’s

Through the words of another.


These silencers have yet to recognize this, they lack the ability to be silent themselves, the ability to simply see, to simply observe, to become aware. They do not recognize their own undoing’s, the fact that they are being observed by those who see them at their worst – for what else is there for the silenced to do?



I say it again:

She may be quiet,

She may be silent,

But do not mistake her for what she is not,

For she will no longer be a place for you

In your actions of cowardice,

To wipe the remnants of your dissatisfaction on.


Hence, these silencers, in their narrow-minded behavior, do not realize that their ultimate downfall will be at the hands of those whom, presumably, have no voice. The silenced hold an unmatched capacity, an unparalleled gift, one that many have yet to realize holds immense power – the silencers will soon see this.


At the risk of your own self preservation,

Out of which you mock her so,

Do not test this,

For you will hear,

The true strength of her voice.

The impossible truth of her words.

The culmination of what her silence has allowed her to observe,

For better.


For worse.

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2 thoughts on “For Those Who Have Yet to Hear Her Voice

  1. Dear Shyla ,

    Me oh my! This piece is fantastically brilliant. Being it that you sit in the opposite corner of the room from me, I feel deprived as I am unable to hear your amazing voice. Throughout this piece I felt that it was a true representation of who you are since your style and voice was so clear; there were slight sarcasm and power in the beginning that turned to wisdom that immediately enveloped me as a result of your aphorisms.

    I am truly grateful that you felt comfortable enough to post a personal piece because I feel like I know you. In my quotation presentation I had said that as a result of my kindness people would take advantage of me; in this post, you had said that as a result of your quietness people would take advantage of you, through this post I find that we are quite similar.

    Someone’s voice is no less important than another’s; I like to think that a voice is an individual’s personal art form and by diminishing one’s voice is like punching the Mona Lisa. In this post, you managed to say all that I feel about one’s individuality and voice in such a beautiful way that I will forever be grateful. Thank you so very much for putting how I feel into words. Never stop writing, and never let someone take your voice!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Dear Victoria,

    Thank you so much for the kind comment! I am so glad that you were able to associate with this piece. I clearly remember when you did your presentation, I thought we were similar in this way too!

    Thanks again,

    – Shyla

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