For Those Who Loved Me

The following is a poem I wrote about an individual who loses herself, doesn’t know what her values are anymore, and only has surface level romantic encounters in order to avoid getting hurt. Throughout this time period, her relationships with those around her and the strength she once found in spirituality deteriorates.


I am lost,

seeking comfort in an Almighty I don’t believe in.

This only makes me question myself more.

Who am I?


An enchantress dripping in gold

trapping lovers with that look in her eye.

My prayers go to those who believe

they can extract the sweet nectar of my love.

Little do they know,

the light in my soul had gone out long before

they entered my world.


Tell me that I take your breath away.

Tell me that my mind is an intricate maze

you long to get lost in.

Tell me that you want to make love to me

between satin sheets

on a rainy afternoon.

I’d rather open my legs for you

than open my heart.


Underneath this façade I have created

hides a girl I used to know

She is the spice of the Indian food

your mother used to make, the first leaf

to fall in autumn.

I battle with her until I have broken her completely,

leaving nothing but echoes and glimpses

of what was.



I try and rescue her before it’s too late,

but my habits prevent me from returning

to simpler times.

She is the epitome of warmth, beauty, and eternal love-

but she is weak.


God, bring her back to me-

I lost You when I lost myself.

Purify me.

Help me pick up the shattered glass fragments

of my soul.

Sometimes, weakness is the only way

to stay human.

Save me from myself.


Who am I?

I am my worst enemy;

I am your greatest desire.

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5 thoughts on “For Those Who Loved Me

  1. Dearest Alysha,
    Oh how I have missed reading your writing on this blog, and having it back is just a little reminder of what this class allows us to express to one another.

    This poem reminds me very much of Rupi Kaur, for you share her very honest and healing voice. I know she is one of your favourites – a reminder of how literature allows us to develop our very own writing identity, and the beauty of your diction contrasted to the brokenness of their meaning is something that can rarely be mastered. Yet I have had the honour of reading both of you, and both seem to do so as if it comes naturally to you.

    Writing pieces like this is very hard to do let alone share publicly, so I want to thank you for being so brave. That being said sometimes these pieces are the confessions of what it means to be human, and like your piece explores how natural losing one’s identity is to the human journey, you sharing it proves that embracing this is sometimes the only solution.

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful talent with our class, and I can’t wait to spend another semester reading your work.


    1. Dear Emily,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my piece! It was a little difficult for me to put up because it was so personal, but I feel like that’s the only way to really connect with your readers. Saying that my poem reminded you of Rupi Kaur’s work made me so incredibly happy because since I started reading her poetry, she’s been such an inspiration. I can’t wait to read your work and have class with you this semester!!

      With love,

  2. Dear Alysha,

    I’ve already told you about how lovely this poem is. It is so lovely, in fact, that I would like to tell you again about how much I loved it. I definitely agree with what Emily said–this reminds me of the type of poems you would see from Kaur.

    I appreciated your use of enjambment in this piece. Sometimes when writing poetry, it is tempting to make each line a full sentence of its own. However, this can make a poem seem monotonous to a reader, because each line begins to sound the same. You did an excellent job of avoiding this. It is your use of enjambment that makes your ideas pop out to your readers; it is what makes this poem so engaging. This is also something Rupi Kaur does well! So Bravo for that!

    This piece is raw in the most beautiful way possible. I am very fortunate that I got to read it!

    Never stop writing,

    1. Dear Jade,

      Thank you for your comment! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the piece, and again, being compared to Kaur is such a huge compliment, so thank you. I’m trying to work on enjambment and turning some of my pieces written in prose into poetry, so it was nice to know that in this piece it did work! I can’t wait to read your work throughout the semester.

      With love,


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