Return of the GSA: Free Choice


Mitch Miller sat in his rocking chair on the front steps of his house listening to the radio. At 78 he is a retired doctor, who lives on a country home.


“It is a clear day with a 40% chance o—”

The radio crackles slightly

“We interrupt your regular program to bring you breaking news. I am Kirk Hampton. Today the United Nations Hope For A New Home or U.N.H.F.A.N.H. scheduled first colony ship launch date, to be sent to Mars, which would establish the first human off world colony. Everyone who is anyone in meteorology or astronomy has been working extremely hard . Lots of disagreement if the ships will actually launch, or should launch; but it seems to be going as planed. Oh, there is the rocket thing. The seem to be fueling it and loading supplies. Mr. Ross Cole the mission planner, is standing on the ramp. MR. Cole may I have a world?”

A gravely voice exits the radio, “Sure I have a minute.”

The smooth voice of the reporter followed with, “How long till lift off?”

“T- 10 minutes.”

“How do you feel about the GSA threats to the mission?”

“There is no such thing as the GSA it was a legend. All humanity has rallied to this point and none will stand in our way. Excuse me I need to head to the launch control room.”

“Very well, thanks for your time. Well we will keep you posted. Back to your usual program.”


“And we are back covering the launch the ship is about to lift off and yes it is launching. Wow if you at home could just see all this excused, and they have lift off, and wow that ship is fast it is streaking off. The crowd is going wild. Hurrah this is going perfect” –the crowd and the rockets sound is cut out by the sound of an explosion– “ahhh what was, the ship is falling heading strait down. It is going to crash. I am getting to co…” another explosion is heard and then static.


A day later the police made it to the scene. In the crash site they found a crimson mark. GSA In blood red.

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