First impressions

Taken by me from:
Taken by me from:

Task – “From Stanley’s point of view, write a monologue describing his first impression of Blanche after their first meeting”

//Me, being my short-film crazy self, adapted the monologue into a full-blown script, I hope there is no problem with it! To allow for more depth, I chose to set this after their second meeting//


~~~Scene II, part II~~~

~Scene Setup:

There is a BED, with a simple headboard with two PICTURE FRAMES on top, alongside a small CLOCK, in the corner of the room. Beside it, there is a BEDSIDE TABLE. On the adjacent wall hang some MEDALS from the military.

~Cameras needed:

CAMERA I – Far corner of bed, full frame, static

CAMERA II – Loose camera, dynamic

~Props (Props listed in scene setup also included)

Shot glass

Whiskey bottle
White shirt (Stained from front and back)
Dark blue jeans




CAM 1 (No movement):

STANLEY (off screen) comes in the room, slamming the door. Barely audible muttering is heard from the left of the camera, increasing steadily in volume until he appears in scene. He is holding a SHOT GLASS in one hand, a WHISKEY BOTTLE in another. He sits on the near edge of the bed, placing the bottle and glass on the TABLE. His posture is erect and his shoulders are squared, as you would see in a military man. He looks up slowly, about 3/4 to the roof, and begins speaking.

CAM 2 (Slowly panning upward in front of him)

STANLEY [Muttering]

Gotta go wash my face soon, that perfume was disgusting. She complains about her not having enough, but wastes some on me.

A slow grin spreads to his face.

CAM 1 (No movement)

STANLEY {Continued} [Mocking voice]

(Trowing his hands in the air) She’s the glamorous type! Oh, she’s the glamours type indeed! No, no, please wait. I must put on my makeup before I can look you in the eye.

CAM 2 (Close up on face, no movement)

Bit of powder here, makeup there, and a spray of perfume to top it off! Whoops, I missed. My illusion isn’t working on you? Oh, I’m sorry, let my other fifty percent of makeup make… up for it. Ha-ha, I’ll say soon. Ha-ha!

CAM 2 (OTS [Over the Shoulder] shot, pointing forward from left ear, rotated 1/4 down)

He turns his head to the bottle and quickly pours himself a drink, though he does not down it.

CAM 1 (No movement)

STANLEY {Continued} [Regular voice]

Stella’s sister? That’s who she is? Heck, she comes preening in, drinking my liquor and wearing her pretty little dresses to… to what? Who’s she showing off to?

CAM 2 (Bottom right of bed, facing his back)

Mitch? (he snorts)

CAM 2 (Side profile)

Steve? (he laughs audibly)

CAM 2 (Full face shot)

No, no, I got it, (He slowly tilts his head upwards as he stretches out the word) Eeeuuuunice! (he lets out a loud laugh before downing his drink.

CAM 2 (quickly moving down to his stomach area, following the drop)

A drop escapes and drops on his shirt.

CAM 1 (No movement)

He glances at it, slowly) Damn. I bet she’d freak if that touched her. Pah! She doesn’t touch it? I haven’t seen her for a good minute and she downs half my bottle. (He shakes the bottle violently).

CAM 2 (Close up on the bottle, grime is visible on it)

Oh, no, sir. I hardly touch it. Promise! I just teach English with a few shots of alcohol!

CAM 2 (Top half of Stanley)

He pours himself another drink and downs it promptly, grinning at the roof.

STANLEY {Continued} [Slightly loud voice, brimming on hostility]

(He stares at the bottle with intensity) Let me tell you something, Ms. Queen Elizabeth 3rd! We got new ways in New Orleans! We don’t care about looking pretty, making illusions , or all those dresses that too many men have seen!

CAM 1 (No movement)

(He rises sharply) It’s all about the culture here! Your dress means squat once we got a game of poker going. If you want to be styled, be my guest, but cut down on the beauty products! You have five different scents for every drink you down! And if you don’t like that, you can gladly ride away on that streetcar! (He sits down again)

CAM 2 (Top half of Stanley)

Please, take my bottle with you, it’ll ease you back into reality.

CAM 1 (No movement)

He takes a drink straight from the bottle, then looks to something off camera

STANLEY {Continued} [Loudly]

Now if you wouldn’t mind, I’m going to go wash my face if you left any hot water left!

He jumps up, slamming the bottle on the table, walking off camera. The sound of a door slamming is heard.

STANLEY {Continued}

Ha-ha, Ms. Blanche Du (Short pause) bios! HA-HA!

CAM 2 (Cut to close up of bottle.)

His laughter is drowned by the sound of rushing water, though a startled yelp makes it over clearly.

STANLEY {Continued}

SHIT! That’s cold!


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One thought on “First impressions

  1. Dearest Areeb,

    Wow! I must say that the amount of detail you put into this piece is astounding, so props to you for being so precise in your writing!

    To be honest with you, when I was reading the play I didn’t really consider the fact that Stanley was onto Blanche’s facade, but you’ve opened up my eyes. The whole part where he talks about alcohol “touch[ing]” her “often” in the play reveals that he knew what she was doing and I love the way that you were able to incorporate that into this piece. You definitely captured Stanley’s character in an adept manner. My favorite line from this piece has to be: “Let me tell you something, Queen Elizabeth 3rd!” It’s just brilliant and seems so much like something that would come out of Stanley’s mouth.

    As for what you can work on, there are a few typos here and there (“the glamours type” and you accidentally put a space in between a comma and a word somewhere). As well, I found that the stage directions paired with the little excerpts about the cameras was a little confusing – may I suggest putting the stage directions and directions for the camera together in square brackets when needed? Or – though I do appreciate the directions for the cameras – omitting them and only having stage directions? It would be very helpful if all of the stage directions were in brackets as well to help differentiate them from what Stanley’s saying. But other than that, you did a great job with this monologue! You truly did an amazing job in capturing Stanley’s character and also with providing your readers with such fine details.

    Yours with love,
    Vanessa 🙂

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