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Night Sky

Everybody dreams, but some people’s dreams come true. I don’t mean “A dream is the wish your heart makes”. Nor do I mean in the context of “I have a dream”. But I mean what you see during the night.  When most of your brain is either not working of controlling internal function (like pumping blood), then the creative part of your brain and you subconscious work together to create dreams.

Many people don’t remember their when they wake up. This is because of a part of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement, or Rem. You dream during REM and unless you wake up during the REM phase or very soon after you usually don’t remember your dreams. This is why people remember nightmares because it scares you then you wake up midd REM. Here is an example of a remembered dream scenario: Kyle Harrison went to bed just after watching finding Finding Nemo. He was terrified of the sharks and the barracuda. Now he is running for his life as fast as he can; he is running down a hallway. Above him swimming through the air was a creature so odd, it looked like the mix between a shark squid clown and blood dripping slobbering bat. And it was gaining on him, just as the tentacles and teeth started to dig into him the ground beneath him gave way. He fell. He jerked upright in his bed, sweaty and panting. Years later, he was still having nightmares about it; he then decided to put the creature  in a comic book series, from which Kyle became famous. However he was still so afraid he wasted his money on alcohol to get the monster away…

I believe in precognitive dreams. So there is no misunderstanding of what I mean, here is an example of what I don’t mean. Bill likes cookies. He dreams he eats a cookie. He wakes up with the urge to eat a cookie. He eats a cookie. I guess a way of describing it is, dreaming about things that haven’t happened yet, or places you have never been, or people you have never seen. Here is an example from my own life: One night I dreamt that I stood in the night, I saw a building. It was dimly lit but I could tell that that there was a hedge in front of it. For some reason that dream stuck in my memory, and I pondered it. Later that year on a school trip called Cultural Field Studies, when we broke into assigned groups and were spread all over Kenya. My group went to a place called Cheptebo. One night, my group was playing ghost in the graveyard. I was taking a breather at the home base, and was scanning the surroundings when I saw it. The exact wall, the exact dim light, the exact hedge. It hit me so hard I almost collapsed. I saw that before I saw it.

Some claim that there were people dreaming and reporting the dream of a disaster befalling a great ship in 1912. You know what happened? The titanic sank. According to Rebecca Turner Creator of in 1865 someone had a dream that there was a funeral at the white house, the president had been assassinated. Apparently then they talked to their wife and then  Abraham Lincoln, and his wife decided it was just a dream… Abraham Lincoln died on April 15 1865, assassinated.

Some people may not believe it but it really happens. And this I believe, that precognitive sight is no imagined idea.



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4 thoughts on “This I Believe: Foresight through dreams

  1. Dearest Joel,

    Your belief in the power of our dreams inspires me. Premonition is often overlooked as childish or foolish, however you put forward a valid argument that left me in contemplation of what my “inner” being is warning me of or from. The scientific evidence you had to back up your truth, made me as reader, buy into what you were placing forward.

    Believing in foresight coming from dreams is a difficult concept for me personally to accept. From childhood, I never believed in anything I dreamed about, perhaps it was out of fear or my natural tendencies to accept it as a figment of my imagination. That being said, your ideas reminded me of the belief in Prophets, who are said to have come into this world to share a message without any evidence other than what their soul has revealed to them. For perhaps that is why I struggle to accept that belief as my own due to my contradicting views that lie within spirituality in itself.

    Nevertheless it fascinates me to think about the possibilities. The premonitions in regards to the Titanic sinking to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is too a truth I can not deny. Your blog has opened me up to a new world of thought of which has brought me back to the topic of God and fate. Do you believe that perhaps this foresight gained is a message from God or fate? Or is it all merely just a coincidence and God nor fate exist? How and why do we receive this premonitions? Are they connections from past lives?

    The belief you have brought forward arises many questions in my mind, that I can only be grateful for. I would offer that perhaps you could delve deeper into the why and so what? What do these premonitions that our dreams harbor suggest? For I believe writing is a beautiful way to contemplate about our beliefs to a deeper extent and question the truths of all perspectives.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul with all of us and thank you for enlightening me with wisdom that I have yet not acquired.

    Warm Wishes,

  2. Joel,
    It takes a lot of courage to speak about a topic that is sometimes regarded as ridiculous, however, you did a good job at backing up the credibility of your belief by adding in real life examples, of this happening, such as the sinking of the Titanic, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
    Being a lucid dreamer myself, I’ve had several strange experinces with dreams myself, I’ve dreamt about real life events and places before I knew they existed. However, I usually dismissed these, just thinking them to be a figment of my notoriously overactive imagination, but your writing piece has made me question these dreams. Were they simply a coincidence or not?
    I’m normally a voracious lover of the fantasy genre, but whenever it comes to the supernatural, I normally try to remain rational and try to find a simple explaination. I feel you could have argued your point better if you added in more real life examples. Are there any more significant examples of these prophetic dreams? Have you perhaps met others with similar experiences?
    I’m intrigued by this topic and look forward to hearing more from you.

  3. Hello, I’m Daniela Hwang from the International School of Panama and I’m in Mr. Avelar’s English 10 Honours class.

    The simple words that I would state regarding your essay is ‘ingenious’, ‘fresh’ and ‘original’. It must have been either difficult or straightforward for you to decide to write an essay that is so new. However, it has a great effect of making your essay so original.
    Furthermore, the factor that makes the readers keep reading your essay is that it includes ‘interesting facts’. Everyone in this world dreams, even animals. However, as you mentioned, not everyone remembers dreams or knows well about it—which makes dreams more mysterious and marvelous. Because you stated interesting facts about dreams, I wanted to keep on reading your essay, especially when you wrote about your personal experience based on the facts.
    In this train of thought, your essay is not only interesting, but also possesses good sentence structure.

  4. Adding to my comment, you stated that you believe in precognitive dreams, and that it is no imagined idea. Do you regard your belief as a personal opinion or a fact that that people should acknowledge publically?

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