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I believe in the word help. People go by every day, living on scraps, while others hold on to their billions of dollars simply for the sake of having it.

There has been one statistic that has always shocked me, every time I even think about it. “If the United States alone gave even 1/8th of the money they put toward their Nuclear Weapons program to Africa, the entirety of the continent would be modernized within 10 years.” If America took one eighth of their money, not even going toward their weapons in general, but Nuclear weapons at that… and an entire continent, widely recognized as one of the poorest ares in the world, could become a society of educated, independent individuals.

The statistics are crazy, and that’s just the USA. Think about the stuff humanity could achieve if we could just come together as one, a single species, and help the world become something greater, something beyond our wildest dreams.

So… why don’t we?

Honestly, the answer in its raw, bare form is selfishness. We have the potential to make a huge impact on the world, but we don’t, as we see no personal gain, no incentive. Some of us would kill to eat that plate full of food that you said wasn’t tasty enough, and threw away. In many places around the world, people scavenge landfills looking for something to eat or use. It puts the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” in perspective, a perspective far too real.


I believe that everyone should do their own little part in helping something, someone. Volunteer, donate, those are bigger ones, it can be so small as helping your little sister with her math homework. We need to build a society that is constructive, based on positive growth, not stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. And we can do it, but we need to start with helping others, and being kind.

That’s what I believe in.


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One thought on “This I believe…

  1. Areeb, this was a very eye-opening post. Written from a very practical and straight forward perspective, what you believe in, help, as your essentially saying is dying and you feel that that is very unjust. And I completely agree, there is a man in one part of the world with more fruit in his shampoo than another has on his plate. I think this is an issue that has deepens its roots in history with each passing second, because it always seems that one man has been ruling over the other, and in turn extracting resources, imposing his own beliefs; essentially robbing them of their livelihoods.

    Yet with each passing decade this issue evolves into some other form to accommodates itself to stay out of reach of the “law”, empires, slavery and oppression to corrupt governments and business . I’ll agree with you that help and empathy is the cure for this. In a perfect world, your belief would be what society would bear as very sacred and never let it go. It seems that we are loosing touch on our humanity, our essential care for one another is dying.

    Greed has poisoned men’s souls and corrupted the mind, we no longer care after each other the way our ancestors did before. I’ll give an example. The Founding Fathers of America. These men had wanted what was best for their people, they cared for them and wanted to rid themselves of being in the control of the British Empire. And they succeeded in spite of loss and casualties. Now many Americans don’t know the names of the men whose legacy they live in essentially. The issue is evident. Greed. Its power has engulfed us with the promise of money and power. I feel like we owe it to have lost our ability to understand another human being’s pain.

    I believe, just as you may, that the only way to free ourselves from this is to usher in an era of love and kindness, and especially empathy.


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