” One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember”~Avicii

I believe in destiny and dreams. I believe that the preeminent force has left us with the gift of life to do so whatever we wish with. I believe that we are left to decide our own fate and forge our own path and follow it to where it may take us. That we do not have to burden ourselves down with weight of a false dogma on our backs. That we do not have to live up to some image of conformity, to win over a false feeling of satisfaction. I believe that our freedom of life and dreaming is something that nobody has the right to rule, but our hearts and our desires. That we do not have to fear our dreams, of what others will think of them. For our dreams are the heart’s desire, and what the heart wants, it gets.

“What if a child dreamed of becoming other than what society had intended? What if a child had aspires to become something greater?”~ Jor El, Man of Steel.

I believe that dreams are visions of our true potential. I believe they are visions of what we can achieve, the only limits being our imaginations. I believe what makes life beautiful is that it does not last. That it is short, but in this short life of ours we can make a mark; we can change the world and inspire others to follow their dreams. The fire in our hearts, the core of our willpower, the need to be remembered for the lives we lived after we die. I believe in the power of dreams. That they can live on after we are gone, that they can take to the form of successors and become an artifact of time, and a model of greatness. Though we are mortal, I believe that dreams are not, for what is born can die and what is not born cannot die. Dreams are not born, they are the products of imagination and desire in of our mind. I believe dreams are invincible.

We will stumble and we will fall because we are human and therefore we are not perfect. We are nothing but dreamers searching for nothing but greatness and a place on the universe. We will fail but we will recover and learn, then we will succeed and fulfill our destiny. Life is a game. Destiny is the game master. And we? we are just players of this game. The Prize? that is the beautiful mystery of this game, we do not know what the prize is. It allures us, for we do not know what when it will happen, or what it will feel like. All we do know is that it is possible, that we have a chance to embrace greatness. This I believe in.

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5 thoughts on “THIS I BELIEVE…

  1. Dear Nilave,

    for someone who is only in their junior year, you have a beautiful capacity to muse upon philosophy with incredible depth. Your take on the role of destiny and dreams on our physical lives was fascinating. One line in particular, “I believe that dreams are visions of our true potential[,]” blew me away. The simple sentence used to discuss such a complex theme was well placed and introduced a new idea in parallel to your opening statement, which allowed you to develop your argument well. Overall, the ideas presented in your writing were high quality and started to develop towards a deeper notion of the human condition. You started to develop an argument as to WHY we dream and I thought that that was a very thought -provoking and unique subject. Kudos sir.

    Offering some constructive feedback, I would suggest that you take a look at your grammatical choices and GUMPS. Now I am the last one who has a right to talk about GUMPS, however I found that there were enough mistakes and anomalies in the piece to disengage me from your writing at times. For example, I suggest you look at your last paragraph and rework the punctuation and rhetorical questioning to support the mood you were attempting to create. Though I wanted desperately to keep reading and delving deeper, it was opposed by my inability to understand what you were saying in certain parts. Furthermore, I would suggest that you spend more time ruminating the words you want to use in your piece. Because you are such a high level thinker, how you choose to convey your ideas is very important! It comes back to articulation issues, something that I myself often suffer from and to which I have come to find one solution: purposeful diction. For example, your choice to use the word “preeminent” seemed awkward and came off as forced at the beginning. Nonetheless, I am confident that once you nail down these small irregularities, your writing will fully support your thoughts.

    Again I’d like to offer you congratulations on such an interesting and philosophical piece and am honestly excited to see how you develop as a person as your writing grows.


  2. Dear Nilave,

    I cannot thank you enough for writing this. I completely agree with everything you wrote. In fact, I also believe in it now. Your use of simple sentences, such as where you wrote, “Life is a game. Destiny is the game master.”, because those simple sentences really had me contemplating as to what life may actually be. I am literally in awe your ability to effectively write about your complex, philosophical thoughts, moving to different topics, without going off track. The content was just amazing, provoking so many ideas from my head. I believe that you are a very skilled writer who is able to convey his ideas in an extremely thoughtful way. I cannot wait to read more of your writing!

    However, you are human (at least I think you are), and as you said, humans are not perfect. There are some parts in your post where I feel there could be some improvement. I feel that the first quote you had, “One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember” (Avicii), was not able to be analyzed completely, which may just be something that distracts me personally, but I feel this could help you improve as a writer. I feel that you have the SAY portion, as well as the MEAN portion completely nailed down; all that you’re missing, in my own opinion, is the MATTER. As Sir Siddharth stated above, you had a few grammatical errors, although they did not distract me as much as they may have done to others, because I was amazed by the content and the actual structure. I feel that what I am going to say may be more of a personal request, but I feel that if you elaborate further on your ideas, the audience may have a stronger understanding of what you are talking about.

    You are a very skilled writer, who also seems to be a master in the art of philosophy. I look forward to reading your future works!


  3. Dear Nilave,

    This blog post is very interesting, it is inviting in how easy it is to read. It is to the point not wasting words and I find that to be very important in writing. Your flow is also impressive weaving through the writing and connecting it all. Your writing reminds me a lot of the message disney sends in many of their outputs. I agree with the importance of dreams but I have some questions for you. In your mind what separates a dream from an idea? Is their ever a time that you should set aside a dream? What if one is a contradiction of what people believe is right? How valuable are completing dreams is your mind? And finally who or what In your mind is the preeminent force you mentioned? I am sorry if you feel like I am trying to tear down your blog, which I am not I am just a very curious person. Thank you for writing this.


  4. Hello Nivala! My name is Kamila Cajiao and I’m studying at the International School of Panama. I’m in Mr. Avelar’s English 10 Honors class and the assignment we had today was to take a look at these essays and comment on them.
    Your ideas are organized and well structured, which makes your whole essay a lot more effective. The metaphors are also quite lovely and prove to be persuasive. Anyone can tell that you put a lot of love and effort into this and it really shows.

  5. Hello Nivala,
    I am Mark Rauschkolb, also a student from Mr. Avelar’s English 10 honors class from the International School of Panama. First and foremost, I believe that you have gotten a classic belief, yet made it newly inspiring and the way you wrote figuratively gave the writing a poetic, rhythmic and enjoyable flow. You had great rationals of the nature of and idea and of imagination, and find it inspiring how you say humans may not live forever, but that our ideas can. The only clarification I would appreciate is that if you believe a dream itself is the most powerful thing a human can create, or is it the passion and love to achieve the dream is the most awe inspiring thing of humans?

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