This I believe: We Do the Best We Can


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

I believe that we do the best we can. If all that one can manage in a day is simply to breathe and be, then that day was spent at the best of their ability. Not a day is wasted, we do our best.

This philosophy is the only way in which I can accept the world. This belief allows me to forgive my mother after years of fighting and distance, to embrace my friends for who they are, and enables me to go forth in my life without guilt. My mantra does not lower my expectations but allows me to understand the interlocking bond between individualism and society . One might argue that this may handicap me from fully acknowledging things like war and hate. Contrasting that belief, it is this philosophy that recognizes the dark side of humanity rather than denying it. Our experiences, culture, language and education all influence our ideas on what is best- creating a world full of very diverse versions of the concept.

Historic figures legendary for executing their passions through violence ;  Adolf Hitler, Maximilien Robespierre and Osama bin Laden, who’s imprint on humanity is dark and spiteful all did the best they could. Internally each of them were drawn to a course of action influenced by their anger and hate, their choices were established regarding the point that fate, or god, had brought them and their consciences.

There is also the perspective of doing the best we can for ourselves versus doing the best we can for others. I believe there must be a balance. Revisiting the aforementioned topic of my mother, I must understand that the choices in which she made were not intentionally made to hurt me. Her materialism often dominates her compassion, though that is the person that she is.  No matter how skewed I find her ideals on family, I know that especially in the case of mothers, they do the best they can.

Finally, I find myself motivated by this belief, constantly pushing myself to expand my limits and defy what I once thought was impossible. Everyday I demand more of myself, to allow myself to break my introverted patterns and establish emotional connections with the world around me. I see myself beginning to embrace forgiveness and become a more empathetic woman. A woman of grace and poise but also fire and passion. This is the best that I can do.

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5 thoughts on “This I believe: We Do the Best We Can

  1. Dear Emily,

    First, let me say that I love your belief. It is so simple, yet profound, and I think that the reason I love it so much is because no matter who you are; rich or poor, young or old, this belief can always apply to anyone. Your belief is unconditional. Second, let me show my gratitude for you being able to express your belief in such a way that it can reach into other peoples’ hearts. It’s an inspiration to know that someone like you is always striving to be better, by doing the best that you can. By reading this I feel motivated to push myself to become a better person, by doing the best that I can. I feel like both the personal example, and global references were really effective in supporting your message. You also gave an example of when you’ve used this mantra, and how it directly effected how you viewed your Mother–very inspiring. I loved the quotes you added as well. When you mentioned, “This philosophy is the only way in which I can accept the world.”, I feel as though you have managed to open people’s eyes to the possibility that depite the overwhelmingly evil forces in the world, we must accept it as it is, and trust that everyone is simply doing the best that they can.

    In my eyes, it was very eloquently written, and simply beautiful. It was really “easy” to read, if you know what I mean. I never got bored or distracted when reading it, and at the end, found myself wanting to gain more insight into your thoughts and the way you think. Hopefully that doesn’t come across as creepy as it might sound…! When did you discover this personal mantra?

    It’s incredible how effectively and efficiently you can get your point across in such a beautiful way. And in just a few paragraphs at that! I wish I could do that. Congratulations man, your blog is awesome.


    1. Hey Taylor!
      Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment, that means a lot to me! Im glad you took to my personal example of my mother, originally I was afraid of even mentioning it. Your reaction to it really amplifies my confidence going forward.

      To answer your question, I was raised to believe that there are no bad people, only people who make bad choices, and this has propelled me into thinking deeper as to why individuals choose the paths they do. I embraced this mantra over the summer between grades nine and ten, when I found myself confused with my friends and their choices -specifically their choices regarding the opposite sex. And by doing so I had to focus more so on my friends intentions, rather than my own reactions. This then connected to other aspects of my life like my relationship with my mother, finally allowing myself to forgive her.

      Again thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog Tay, it means a lot coming from an amazing writer like you.


  2. Dear Emily,

    I’m so glad I could play a small part in raising your confidence. You should be nothing but confident about such an amazing piece!

    That is an amazing and eye-opening view to have. Your blog and personal mantra has inspired me to adopt a view similar to yours, and try and view the world through the eyes of others before becoming disappointed or surprised with their choices. Thank you for sharing your insight with all of us.

    You’re most welcome, and right back at you bud.


  3. Hello Emily,

    My name is Mark Rauschkolb and I come from Mr. Avelar´s English Honors class, all the way from the Republic of Panama. But even though we might live so far away, I would like to tell you that your writing has still inspired me. I believe it is beautiful how you were able to fit so many vital aspects of life, into the one sentence of “Everybody does the best you can”. You expressed compassion, forgiveness, and yet also inspired trying harder and hard work. The emotional connection you established with your mother was really touching and effective to hook your reader. But I would like to clarify, did this belief come about because of your relationship with your mother, or was it just an example of something you had already learnt before?

    1. Dear Mark,

      I am elated that we have been given the opportunity to communicate and that you have read my blog. Your comment was very insightful, thank you for leaving it! I am so thrilled that despite the many miles between us, you were able to connect so closely to my piece, I only hope that one day I will be given the chance to read your work! To answer your question, I believe that I would refer to it prior to the occurrence with my mother though I only, truly embraced it in the aftermath. Only now can I whole-heartedly embrace this belief and apply it to my life, only now do I truly understand and for that I am unexpectedly grateful.

      I would like to once again express my gratitude and wish you a wonderful school year. I genuinely hope our classes will continue to communicate!

      – Emily

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